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Ad pattern / Ad template filters for Product Text ads

From now on, you can filter any ad pattern and choose which products should be advertised via the chosen ad pattern as well! Every ad pattern is enabled by default and applicable for all products but you can set following rules/filters for the right product text ads. Always enabled - text ad pattern/template will be

How to get discount on BlueWinston or even for free?

It is actually very simple. All you need to do is to get us: Grant us access to your Google Ads account (you will be asked during the registration to BlueWinston.com or via e-mail) Ensure that our access has PRIMARY LINK! How to ensure that we have a primary link to your Google Ads account?

Maxinaradie automates Text ads for 3468 items from electric hand tools and get stable CPA of 20,25€ / conv.

In order to cover the market in Slovakia with a product portfolio of 3 468 items, a clear choice was made for the use of BlueWinston services. Both we and the client had clear expectations, which were a great challenge for us as well from the online agency Viamedia.sk. Maxinaradie.sk offers a range of products

Product name and a correct XML feed: the key to the success of automated text ads for Google products

BlueWinston is a tool for automated creation of product text ads for Google Search. The key to the success of the simplest automation of ads is just the creation of product names. There are specific rules for the creation of product names, which will ensure the best and the fastest listing of most of your

We are going to E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2019

E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019 is the biggest e-commerce event in the (tech) capital city of Germany. Over 5,000 visitors, 150 exhibitors and 40 speakers are expected. This event provides business opportunities for the entire e-commerce ecosystem: from merchants to platforms, hosting providers, logistic providers., payment processors and other online solutions business. Expo starts on 20.2.2019

Study says: Combine Shopping ads & Product Text ads

Should I advertise products via Product Text Ads, when I already use Shopping Ads? If you are an e-shop seller, who advertises, and you come from a country where Shopping Ads are allowed, you are, of course, the luckier “half”. Shopping Ads are huge potential to engage with new customers via product-image ads in Google

What is PPC?

What is PPC? What does it have to do with your business? What are the advantages of PPC? Perhaps you have been asking yourself the same questions when you heard of PPC for the first time. Here are the answers! What is PPC? Basic definition PPC stands for pay-per-click and it is a usual strategy

PPC campaign – big investments and no results? Optimize!

Have you been running your PPC campaign for a while now, but you cannot see any results? Have you spent much time optimizing it, but it still does not generate leads? In such a case, you should pay attention! We are speaking of lead or contact generation to engage with the potential clients who become

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