About Janka Kucharová

Account Manager for BlueWinston. I take care of our clients and help them create and optimize campaigns. I enjoy writing blogs on topics in the field of PPC advertising and preparing a case studies with interesting results that we achieved through BlueWinston.

How to boost Shopping Ads success with Seller ratings and Product reviews!

Seller ratings and product reviews play a key role in getting new customers. It’s more likely to get customers with good reviews than to get customers with none. Makes sense! But the question is: What’s the best way to get good seller ratings? How do they appear in Google Search and Ads? How can I

Autovybava.sk | How to have a better overview in campaigns

Autovybava.sk is an online store operating in Slovakia, which offers complete equipment for your car, including car seat covers, deflectors, car mats, trunks tray and many other accessories. This Eshop offers thousands of quality products from various manufacturers with professional advice. Behind this popular e-shop is the owner Ing. Patrik Marák, with whom we

eXXpozed.de | Results from BlueWinston A/B testing

eXXpozed is a German online store that offers clothes, shoes, and equipment from exclusive brands for every kind of outdoor sport. Here you will find more than 100,000 products from climbing equipment for beginners to expedition equipment for professionals. Andreas Oliver Bindhammer, a satisfied user of BlueWinston, is at the forefront of the

How to evaluate the performance of campaigns in BlueWinston

To help you with better understand BlueWinston tool, we'll explain the basic concepts you'll work with in the Dashboard. In the Dashboard, we can see the overall performance of campaigns - that is, what results all campaigns in BlueWinston have brought over a certain period. You can choose the time interval according to your own

Ad pattern / Ad template filters for Product Text ads

What are Ad patterns? BlueWinston also brings innovative technologies in the process of creating text ads. The ad pattern works with all the tags from the XML feed, and thanks to drag & drop, you can put together amazing and converting ads in a few seconds.The use of tags will ensure that your ads always

Product name and a correct XML feed: the key to the success of automated text ads for Google products

BlueWinston is a tool for automated creation of product text ads for Google Search. The key to the success of the simplest automation of ads is just the creation of product names. There are specific rules for the creation of product names, which will ensure the best and the fastest listing of most of