Automated extensions for Google Ads

With Google Ads extensions, your chances of acquiring new customers are much greater. They create space for better interaction with potential customers, as well as for better performance for your ad. What extensions do we know for Google Ads and how can you use them for your benefit? Continue reading!

In our previous blog we introduced you what Google Ads extensions are and how they work. Now we’ll focus on what specific extensions can enrich your ads, and in which cases it’s worth using them to achieve your goal.

Automated vs. manual extensions

First of all, we need to distinguish between automated and manual extensions. Automated extensions are those that apply automatically when certain conditions are met. Manual are the ones you need to select and set up yourself, depending on what your business goal is. In this blog, we will look closely on the automated extensions.

How do automated extensions work?

Automated extensions are added by Google to your ads when there is a chance that they might improve your ad performance. Some of them can only be viewed on computers, not on smartphones or tablets.

Of course, you can manage these extensions as needed – if you don’t need them, you can deactivate them in the “Ads and Extensions” section.

Extensions are generally free of charge, you are paying per click on the ad or particular extension, with the exception of seller ratings – clicking this extension is free of charge.

Automated extensions can also be enabled if you use manual extensions for given campaign or ad group.

Types of automated extensions

  • Automated call extensions

If Google sees that one of your goals is getting people to call you (for example, with the phone number listed), it may set up a call extension. This means you can add your phone number to your ad, and users can call you with one click. Customize the extension to your business hours so users don’t reach you outside of them.

With call extensions, you pay per click. You can count calls as conversions when you turn on call reporting.

  • Automated message extensions

When you include a phone number in an automated call extension, Google can also enable the message extension. This allows users to reach you via text message when they click the extension. You can then write back to them either by phone or by e-mail, depending on your preferred setting.

  • Dynamic sitelink extensions

This extension adds important and relevant sitelinks to your ad. This allows people to click-through directly into the section they’re looking for.

  • Dynamic structured snippet extensions

Structured snippets provide additional details about your e-shop. For example, the portfolio of products and services you offer in your e-shop. They can help people decide whether your site contains what they’re looking for. These structured snippets reflect the categories of content on your site.

  • Automated location extensions

With this extension, people can locate you on the map to see how they can visit you. Your ads will show along with a clickable map or a link to the given address. After clicking it, users will see all the necessary information about your store and will be able to plan a route to you.

  • Seller rating extensions

The seller rating extension will show rating of your e-shop next to your display URL based on the obtained reviews. This rating can be given on a scale of 5 stars, with 0 being the lowest rating and 5 the highest. This way, users can see if previous customers were content with your services and whether it is worth buying from you.

  • Dynamic callout extensions

Dynamic callouts show unique information about your business if it is included on the website. If you include useful information on the website, such as “long-term experience” or “online reservations,” these descriptions may also appear as an extension in the content of your ad. This will help you to outstand from the competition and increase the likelihood that people will choose you.

Automated extensions can be automatically activated by Google when it sees that they are beneficial to your business while meeting your business goals. You can also set up some of these extensions manually, but we’ll have closer look at that in the next blog. is an automated tool for creation of Product Search Text and Shopping Ads on Google. Today, BlueWinston is being used by hundreds of clients in over 50 countries (see testimonials from PPC specialists and merchants).
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