How to create product campaigns for Microsoft Ads in BlueWinston

We introduce a new feature - product text campaigns for Microsoft Ads. Campaigns can be created from the feed and once uploaded to your Microsoft Ads account, you can advertise your products on the Bing search engine. This way you can reach more customers and extend your product advertising with another performance channel.

We have become a Microsoft Channel Partner! What does this mean for you?

Microsoft Channel Partner is a status or award for the best partners in a given region. Similar to the Google Channel Partner program, partners must meet various criteria to advertise on this network. Microsoft Channel Partner is a status or award for the best partners in a given region.

Why is conversion tracking important in Microsoft Ads?

We are often asked why e-shops should start advertising on Microsoft Search Network (Bing, DuckDuckGo, AOL, Yahoo and others). The basic principle is to extend the advertising and therefore get orders from another channel. In addition, there is also the advantage of much less competition compared to advertising on Google search, and therefore a

How to replicate Google Performance Max campaigns to Microsoft Smart Shopping campaigns

E-shop owners and PPC specialists are always looking for new high-performance platforms where they can launch product campaigns. With that in mind, you should consider Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Microsoft Ads. As time goes on, more and more people are starting to use Bing as their preferred search engine. This is why we

Importing a Google Merchant account into a Microsoft Ads account

In this guide, we wanted to show you how to easily import a Google Merchant account into your Microsoft Ads account. This is a mandatory setting to run Microsoft Smart Shopping campaigns. You can read more about this procedure on Microsoft's website. What does a process of GMC import looks