How to connect a Microsoft Ads Merchant account to BlueWinston

We have been working hard on implementing Microsoft Ads Performance Max campaigns in the BlueWinston PPC tool, so let's talk more about it. With BlueWinston's PPC tool, you can create Microsoft Ads Performance Max campaigns in a few minutes and with a few extra features. We bring you the entire creation process

How to create Microsoft Ads Performance Max campaigns in BlueWinston

In this tutorial, we'll walk you through how to create Microsoft Ads Performance Max campaigns with a few extra features in BlueWinston. If you don't have a Microsoft Ads Merchant account connected yet, check out this tutorial. We will explain the main advantages of BlueWinston MS Ads P. Max campaigns. As a result,

Unique Microsoft Ads integration of product ads from

Be part of the success of new and innovative online advertising solutions, a renowned expert in the field of online marketing and a long-time Microsoft Ads Channel Partner, announces the launch of its new and unique integration for the automated creation of product ads and unique Performance Max campaigns

A brand new BlueWinston campaign type: Performance Max campaigns in Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads is in most of the EU a brand new platform that advertisers are still getting used to. Most of the advertising market is being held by Google and Microsoft is steadily growing. Currently, as we all know, the most performing campaign type in Google Ads is Performance Max, but Microsoft Ads doesn’t

Microsoft Audience Ads – get high-quality traffic

What are Microsoft Audience Ads? In this article we would like to tell you more about Microsoft Audience Ads, and how best to utilize this advertising option through Microsoft Ads. Microsoft Audience Ads is a performance marketing solution for advertisers who want to target their ideal audience and increase their advertising

Microsoft Ads: How to prepare your campaigns for the upcoming season

The most important season of the year is not so far from us. We wanted to bring a few tips and recommendations on how you can better prepare for the main season of the year. In this article, we'll talk about Microsoft Ads campaigns, thanks to which you can get additional conversions at a

How to create product campaigns for Microsoft Ads in BlueWinston

We introduce a new feature - product text campaigns for Microsoft Ads. Campaigns can be created from the feed and once uploaded to your Microsoft Ads account, you can advertise your products on the Bing search engine. This way you can reach more customers and extend your product advertising with another performance channel.

We have become a Microsoft Channel Partner! What does this mean for you?

Microsoft Channel Partner is a status or award for the best partners in a given region. Similar to the Google Channel Partner program, partners must meet various criteria to advertise on this network. Microsoft Channel Partner is a status or award for the best partners in a given region.

Why is conversion tracking important in Microsoft Ads?

We are often asked why e-shops should start advertising on Microsoft Search Network (Bing, DuckDuckGo, AOL, Yahoo and others). The basic principle is to extend the advertising and therefore get orders from another channel. In addition, there is also the advantage of much less competition compared to advertising on Google search, and therefore a

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