5 tips on why to do brand campaigns

Brand campaigns are brand-targeted ads often depreciated as ineffective and unnecessarily expensive forms of presentation, as you can be placed in the first position on your brand keywords. Despite everything, brand campaigns make a lot of sense. Not only do they build awareness of your brand, but they also increase sales or traffic to your website.

1. Brand campaigns are cheaper

Brand bidding is a way to save money. When targeting your brand’s keywords, the cost-per-click is usually lower because the competition isn’t targeting that keyword.

However, there are times when competitors can target your brand’s keywords. It must meet one important condition, i.e may not use your brand name in their texts. Such competitive behavior is very common in practice.

The goal of the competitors is to appear at a time when the customer is searching for your brand. This makes it easy to get customers who can click through to their website and shop right there. That is why it is important to do brand campaigns so that you can prevent such a situation and protect your brand.

In the following image, you can see how the competition is targeting a keyword of the different brand/company.

brand campaigns

2. Dominance in search results

In addition to organic search results, your ads will also appear in the first place, so it can take up more space. In addition to you, your competitors also appear in search results, but if you can dominate the search, you can gain more customers. More space for you means less space for competitors.

3. You gain control over copywriting

They guarantee you maximum control over copywriting, i.e your headings, texts, links to subpages, which organic results cannot guarantee you, because they are generated based on the content of your website. This way you can pass on the relevant message to your customers that you want them to receive.

4. Increase sales and traffic to your site

Customers looking for your brand probably already know about you, but haven’t bought yet. They can still view the products of the competitors and compare them with yours. By using branded campaigns, you can remind them by remarketing again, or you can show them a discount on the product through the extensions that Google Ads offers to persuade them to buy from you.

5. Improves organic search

Many sources report that a brand campaign can also affect organic search results, and recommend combining it with SEO. However, it should not be forgotten that organic results are also influenced by other factors, so it is necessary to choose the right SEO strategy to achieve the goals.

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