From eng. Cost per action, so payment for conversion. It is the price that the company pays for the customer to trigger the initial action, i.e. the conversion. This model works especially in affiliate marketing.

What is exactly the conversion?

  • Filling in the form on the page
  • Application installation
  • Buy the product online
  • Opening a chat
  • Registration

What is a primary eshop conversion?

The priority in terms of conversion is direct conversions, i.e. a resilient order in the eshop. Indirect conversions include, for example, filling in eshop data or clicking a button.


What should we know about CPA before we run ad campaigns?

At the beginning, it is necessary to determine which CPA is ideal for us and when we are in the profit phase and when in the loss phase. However, if you’re able to measure the value of conversions, you shouldn’t settle for CPA. When we talk about e-commerce, we should measure the value of conversions in money, because CPA is a metric that tells everything.

What is a CPA prioritized metric used for?

The main reason for using CPA is to assess the performance of your campaigns online. CPA is also used as well as the bidding strategy in Google Ads (or even in Facebook campaigns).

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