What is BlueWinston?

Blue Winston is an automated tool for creating text product ads and Smart Shopping campaigns for Google. Product ads display on the following Google networks: Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, and Gmail. With BlueWinston.com, you can not only automate the creation of ads for your products, but also create keywords for every single product. The

Will I be able to use Blue Winston myself?

Blue Winston is a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool that works based on embedded XML feed (e.g. for Heureka, Facebook...). Campaign creation and orientation in the tool environment is very intuitive. Detailed instructions and video tutorials will help you get started and create campaigns quickly. We also encourage you to visit our website (https://www.bluewinston.com/)

What is the price for using BW?

Price (from 39 €) is calculated based on the number of products found in the product XML feed ► price list. https://www.bluewinston.com/pricing/ If you have a campaign with 100 products, but there are a total of 100,000 products in the XML feed, then the price is calculated based on 100,000 products, as the system must