Keyword research in 2017

Keyword research is one of the most important things to do, when you are going to launch Google AdWords campaign, or if you want to be visited via organic search.

You need to be focused on keywords which are the most appropriate for your business and also you need to think of the competitiveness. When launching Google AdWords campaign you need to also check the prices for the clicks.

If you want to be successful in organic search and in Google AdWords you need to focus on keywords, which will not just bring you traffic, but paying customers.

The most conversionable keywords from visitors to customers are called longtail keywords. These are search strings with more words included, f.e. new headset 2017 price.

So let’s start with exact steps how to do that.

How to do keyword research?

 1. Create a Google AdWords account

If you have a Google Adwords account, click on keyword research tool. You can check the volume of search of keywords and also you can check similiar queries for these keywords.

As suggested, focus on most relevant keywords for you business, check also the competition, price and try to use longtail keywords.

TIP: If your website is brand new and you will focus on one word keywords with high competition – you will probably never reach your goal in Google organic search. If you want to be on the first places in Google Adwords advertisment, you will need a higher budget for this.

If you are running a SEO campaing and focusing on organic search, try to pick up keywords with medium competition and less, which have 2 or more words.

If you picked up your keywords, put them into Google Adwords (section Keywords) or for SEO campaing store them for later use.


Another great alternative to Keyword research tool from Google is Just put a simple keyword into this tool, select your Contry and Google domain and search.

You will see a list of synonyms for this keyword.

On the right click Export and save this list into .CSV format. Save it on your local harddisk.

Go back to Google AdWords keyword research tool and import these keywords. You will see the amount of search, also prices – these info are not included in free version of

If you are running an eshop, we are recommending to use our tool for product automation ADS.


So to summarize it:

  1. focus on most relevant keywords for your business.
  2. think of the competitiveness of the keywords
  3. focus on longtails, which have the most ratio of transforming visitors to customers.
  4. In Google Adwords –  check the price of the click regarding the keywords.

With these steps in mind you will get more visitors, which will easier transform to customers. Good luck!

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