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Benefits of Using Shopping Ads on Google

TOP 10 benefits of Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are ads that include product information, product image, store name, and product price. Product information is created based on attributes in the feed that are stored in your Merchant Center account.

shopping ads

Shopping ads are shown to users who are looking for a specific type of product, such as sneakers. If you offer sneakers, your ads will appear to these users.

Advanced settings give you reports that allow you to measure the performance of your shopping ads.

shopping ad

1. Get your ads in the spotlight

Whether you are a large e-shop or offer a lesser-known product brand, placing your products on top of search results will grab the attention of potential customers, increasing your chances of converting for you.

If Google determines that your products are relevant to the search query and match the Search Keyword, your products may appear. So one of the main benefits of using Shopping Ads is that your products are shown to people who are looking for exactly what you offer, thus increasing their chances of buying from you.

shopping campaign

2. Perform better than text-based ads

You can track the performance of your ad campaign on:

  • product groups page
  • product page
  • bid simulators

The performance of your Shopping Ads is linked to the information provided in your Merchant Center account. For this reason, it is necessary to check the product data for current and true information.

TIP: Notice which categories of ads perform well. Then consider whether moving your budget to these product categories will not help your campaign. You can create a new campaign for these products, where you can change your bidding goal.

3. They produce better leads than text-based ads

Most people who search for specific products on Google search are already deciding to buy the product. Therefore, if they see a relevant ad, they are more than likely to visit the ad link and purchase the product.

4. Easy to manage

Managing Shopping Campaigns is easy. Ads use your product feed and match each product and information based on search queries. The information can be changed and optimized (name, category, product description).

The words you use in headings are important for optimization.

They don’t have to be specific keywords for a particular ad. For best results, make sure your feed information is friendly. If you need help with optimization, feel free to contact our support.

5. Thanks to them you can get greater reach

With a single search query, your ability to advertise multiple products of the same line increases. This can make the user more aware of your products.

6. They achieve a higher CTR

Interestingly, Shopping campaigns are almost twice as likely to click on your product ads as you can on product text ads (PPC). Probably because the queries that are looking for certain products probably have a decision-making phase behind them and they know what product they are trying to find.

7. You can save on your CPC

Campaigns that use Shopping ads usually have a lower CPC and, as a result, save money from your budget and increase e-shop traffic. On average, our clients reduced their CPCs by 23%, and clicks increased by 35%.

See the results of our clients.

8. Better ROI results

Ads on Google Shopping have a higher conversion rate than text ads. On average, it is higher by 26%. This increases the return on investment on your eshop.

9. Compatible with mobile devices

You may have noticed that Google only shows 2 traditional ads on mobile, while Google Shopping shows 15 ads. As a result, if you’re using traditional (PPC) ads, it’s hard to get to these 2 positions, so your ad is showing less often.

TIP: Note that many more mobile devices than desktops are used to search these days.

10. Pictures attract more attention

Google Shopping ads can be seen at the top of Google search results. These ads excel in that they contain basic product information and product photos that are visually pleasing to demand.

This type of ad is the only one that contains photos and thus attracts its potential customers, which is great to use. When an ad is visually appealing, customers simply click on it to visit your product page.

11. Advantageous even with a large assortment of products

Why use Google Shopping for a large number of products?

  • Because it’s possible to use automatic ad creation from the entire feed in Merchant, you don’t have to create keywords or texts.
  • Very fast campaign creation
  • You will only use shopping ads that are approved, that is, no broken landing pages

You see, there are many benefits to using Google Shopping Campaigns. So, are you trying them? In this link, you’ll find everything you need to advertise on Google Shopping and create your first campaign.

Should I advertise products via Product Text Ads, when I already use Shopping Ads?

If you are an e-shop seller
, who advertises, and you come from a country where Shopping Ads are allowed, you are, of course, the luckier ‚Äúhalf‚ÄĚ. Shopping Ads are huge potential to engage with new customers via product-image ads in Google Search. Countries, where Shopping Ads do not exist, there is and for a long time will be only the option for product text ads.

The question is, is it worth to advertise via text ads also when you are running them in Shopping? Yes, it is indeed! But before making a conclusion, let¬īs speak more about these types/formats of product ads.

What are Shopping Ads?

Shopping asd campaignThey are basically an automated advertisement of your products via Google Merchant Center, where you are sending information about your products via a data feed.

Then, thanks to Google Ads, you can display those products and advertise them to the potential customers in Google Search.

What are the benefits of advertising via Shopping Ads?

  • higher traffic (higher %CTR rate, mainly because of great positioning of those ads at the top of the search)
  • better targeting, because the images, titles and concrete prices of products are displayed, and the potential customer chooses what he is interested in and then clicks
  • useful reviews of competition
  • possibility to filter and advertise only the chosen products or groups of products, based on their manufacturer¬īs categorization, product prices, or some selected characteristics (such as size, color, destination, etc.)

The products can be advertised also via original text ads

Automated product text adsText ads were here the first. They still constitute more than 45% of the monthly share of click-through rates.

The product advertisement directs to e-shops mainly thanks to text ads where you can beautifully engage with the shoppers and use marketing methods and experience while creating ideal text ads and CTA calls.

How much time does it take to create a product text ad manually? In the usual way?

Manual creation of campaign for your products takes at least 10 minutes and then AdGroup filled with keywords and text ads at least 7-8minutes for each single product!

Manual creation of text ad for a concrete product can be quite time-consuming. Before you get to create the text ad alone, you have to find out how many products you actually want to advertise, and then create a campaign for Google Search, create a group ad for concrete (one) product, create and add keywords to the ad will be displayed to.

Nowadays, manually created text ads of products are not being done that often, mainly for the time-related reasons and high probability that the ad may not be up to date the second day, because the product is no longer in stock or being sold generally or its price has changed. Manual creation is recommended when you have bestsellers (the most selling products, when you can keep an eye on them).

Today we already have tools for automatization of product text ads.

Automated alias Feed Driven Product Text Ads are the solution

Feed driven text ads from .XML feedThanks to the BlueWinston.com tool, you can easily, rapidly and mainly reliably, create text ads and product keywords for tens, hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of products in several minutes. All you need is a simple XML product data feed, which is now used by almost every e-shop to advertise in the price comparator or to build the Shopping ads we talked about above through Google Merchant Center.

Simply insert the URL address of your product feed to the tool and it will manage the rest for you. You can get at rocked speed to the point of creation of text ads for your products, which you will promote in your product campaign, where you can easily create a product ad template that will be replicated for each product. This way you can get text ads for all your products within a few minutes.

What are the benefits of automated Product Text Ads?

  • you can create text ads for every single product in your e-shop ‚Üí you will gain the huge potential to discover new potentially converting products that your customers were not interested in before
  • you can easily manage text ads, create changes and keep them under control
  • you can filter and define product campaigns for products that you really want to contain, based on various rules and filters that you may have not met within Shopping ads yet
  • gain product long-tail keywords fewer competitors advertise to
  • highly targeted ads to a very specific group of shoppers, where is a high rate of conversion
  • updated at least each 6 hours
  • finding out whether the chosen product is still on sale (in stock)¬†and if it is out of stock the ad will be automatically paused until it will be in stock again, saving you time and money
  • many other benefits that Shopping Ads do not have

Feed driven product text ads (automated) campaign for thousands of products takes only 5 minutes! After that you do not need to spend any minute for auto sync and update.

See what e-commerce merchants are saying about Feed driven text ads?

ExxpozedAndreas Bindhammer – well known german representative in sport climbing who became german’s master is the owner of Exxpozed.com & Exxpozed.de.¬†An online store that specializes in outdoor clothing, climbing equipment, and sports equipment.¬†With the use of both advertising formats such as product text ads and shopping ads, they generate more profits!¬†

TonerDepot.czTonerDepot.cz –¬†It’s an online and one of the biggest Czech store that has been selling ink cartridges for years.¬†“We have always had issues with updating our product campaigns in Google Ads (AdWords), whether it was an update of price, stock quantity, keywords, or adding and editing new product text ads campaigns. Since we started to use BlueWinston’s tool, we can pay more attention to other e-commerce activities. Amazing tool for our online segment!”

Andreashop.skAndreaShop.sk –¬†A well-known online store that sells a wide range of electronics, white goods, and other product segments. A great shopping mall in Slovakia.¬†“Since we have started using the BW, our profits in Google Ads have increased. The application is continuously being upgraded and the number of functionalities is growing, too. Until now, we have not had any negative experience.”

Should I advertise via text ads and Shopping Ads simultaneously?

We have highlighted the main benefits of automated product text ads in Google Search above. For those who advertise in countries where Shopping Ads do not exist, this is, of course, the only way BlueWinston.com can help with its unique types of product campaigns. However, we are often getting this question from advertisers in Shopping Ads. As we have already mentioned, the answer is very simple and straight-forward: YES!

Automated product text ads with shopping ads to get higher performance

Advertise via both, text ads and Shopping Ads!

Google study says, that there is more than a 90% higher probability of clicking the ad and making the purchase itself for those people, who see product text ads in Google Search as well as product image Shopping Ads from the same advertising e-shop.

What are the advantages of using both formats of product ads?

  • higher click-through rate = higher %CTR,
  • higher conversion rate = more purchases,
  • wider reach for potential audiences, more approached customers = because of not all of them like the image ads and vice versa,
  • better campaign optimization because over time it is better to advertise some products via text ads and sometimes through Shopping Ads,
  • higher revenues!

Shopping ads together with Product text ads in Google Search

Get your product advertising done with BlueWinston

Every single solution and feature is excellent, but all together bring you a powerful product advertising platform for achieving great results and huge time & cost savings!

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