Why you should create Smart Shopping campaigns via BlueWinston.com?

Smart shopping campaigns for products in the e-shop This is the type of ad you can create in Google Ads, linked to your Google Merchant account. A common practice is to upload your product information (feed) in your Google Merchant account. The Google Merchant account must be linked to your Google Ads account where you

Ad pattern / Ad template filters for Product Text ads

From now on, you can filter any ad pattern and choose which products should be advertised via the chosen ad pattern as well! Every ad pattern is enabled by default and applicable for all products but you can set following rules/filters for the right product text ads. Always enabled - text ad pattern/template will be

How to get discount on BlueWinston or even for free?

It is actually very simple. All you need to do is to get us: Grant us access to your Google Ads account (you will be asked during the registration to BlueWinston.com or via e-mail) Ensure that our access has PRIMARY LINK! How to ensure that we have a primary link to your Google Ads account?

About Blue Winston for DevaGroup with Štefan Chochláč

DevaGroup is a Google Ads Certified Partner. They are Polish agency made of specialists in various forms of marketing and they cooperate with Blue Winston as well. Recently our COO, Štefan Chochláč gave them an interview about Blue Winston's history and functions. Read more about how we see Blue Winston from inner perspective. Interview with