Re-engage with your visitors thanks to remarketing campaigns

Customers visited your website, viewed the product they were interested in, but left the site shortly after. Maybe your offer didn't interest them, or they wanted to compare it with other versions... Whatever the reason, it's worth reminding them that you exist. As we'll show in this article, it's not at all difficult. Remarketing allows

Even more remarketing strategies for Google Ads

There is no universally valid remarketing strategy. Its settings vary depending on what you specifically want to achieve. The strategies that others have used in the campaign may or may not succeed in yours. Therefore, we are adding a further 6 best practices to the list of best strategies we've recently written for you to

Setting Up Dynamic Remarketing for Your Google Shopping

In Google Ads, a remarketing option is available for years. Remarketing helps us reach people who visited your website. Previous visitors can see your ads while surfing the internet or while searching on Google. For more information read our ultimate guide about Shopping ads.With dynamic remarketing, you can serve the ads to previous visitors, but