How to advertise on Google and create Smart Shopping campaigns

Google has come up with a number of automated solutions in recent years. If you previously wanted to manage your Shopping campaigns, you couldn’t avoid the time-consuming and demanding prioritization of campaigns, product groups, bids, or keywords. Thanks to Smart Shopping campaigns, you will no longer need to do any of this. What are

Expand your Smart Shopping campaigns to other countries

Many companies choose to use Smart shopping for several countries at the same time. The reason is simple - the number of companies using Google Shopping is growing - therefore it is strategically appropriate to expand the campaign abroad and gain new customers or outperform the competition. In the following article you will learn

Revolutionary innovation in the e-commerce: Smart Shopping Campaigns

The creation of shopping campaigns using Google has never been easier. Google has recently introduced a service, Smart Shopping Campaigns, that is freeing you from the responsibilities, such as priority settings, strategy of campaigns, bidding… Moreover, ads are no longer going to be displayed in Google Search Network only, but also in the Display Network,