Two options how to create unique Product-Group campaigns

Creation of unique Product-Group campaigns can be done simple.

Option #1: Perfect product-group keywords


In this image we can see the original product names which will be targeted by our cleared and truncated keywords. As you can see, there is very important to get right keywords to remove some unnecessary words like “pánska” (means men), “outdoor” (means outdoor), “bunda” (means jacket) to get suitable keywords.

Removing / clearing unnecessary words or phrases

image 2017-06-21 o 9.23.34

If we have unnecessary words or phrases located like in this scenario before some tag – in this case before in product names, there is very easy options how to globally remove them from generated keywords to get suitable group keywords targeted product groups. Just use “Remove all words before some “ and do not forget to check also “Create only keywords with hidden (removed) words” which means that software will create just AdGroups with keywords where are no more located unnecessary words before choosen tag.

Result of hiding unnecessary words

Original product names which will be targeted with cleared product long tail keywords

Results is really nice and simple. Here we can see cleared generated keywords without unnecessary / unwanted phrases which will target product groups below.

Option #2: Keeping descriptive words in group campaigns


We can make a copy of this previously created GROUP campaign but now we would like to keep those unnecessary words in our group keywords because it is totally different group of potential customers.

We will just set the truncating process with default settings


And we will get these AdGroups

We can see that 1st and 2nd AdGroup contain also word “jacket” at the end of the keywords so these keywords will be probably in slovak language with Low Search volume but thanks to PerPartes method -> finally the 3rd AdGroup variant will be eligible and very suitable for our unique product-group advertising.

TIP: You can also use just [exact match type] for keywords and also create permutations of them by using special feature after you choose [exact] type

image 2017-06-21 o 9.37.19

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