Why & How to automate products on Google Search

Sales and online customer numbers are steadily increasing. That makes online advertising a great way to reach new customers. There are 63,000 searches every second on Google worldwide. Promoting your product or service in such a place can undoubtedly be an effective benefit for your business. And with automated processes, creating ads for Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, takes just a few minutes.

Two basic ways to advertise your products in Google Ads

When advertising products on Google Ads, we distinguish two main types of ads – Google Shopping Ads and Google Product Ads (both for Google Display Network and Google Search).

Both types have proven results. They operate individually and independently of each other and thus do not compete with each other in auctions. They display differently and even in some cases at the same time, which means that by combining them, you have a much greater opportunity to reach the customer. According to our study from BlueWinston.com, based on Google data, customers who are seeing Shopping and Product Ads at the same time are up to 90% more likely to visit your website and make a purchase.

What role does automation play in this?

Automation plays a major role in this process. At Google Marketing Live 2019 in San Francisco, the need to automate advertising processes was repeatedly strongly stressed. Google predicts that up to 30% of agencies or e-shops may cease to exist in the coming years because they will not switch to automation and make their processes more efficient.

Automation brings many important benefits. These include:

  1. Save time

Thanks to automation of advertising processes you can save a lot of time. As an agency or PPC specialist you are free from creating product ads and know-how can be used to optimize the campaign. You can also save money. So you can switch to lower charges for your services and offer them to more people.

  1. Increase the number of clients

If you’re a marketing agency, you can spend extra time on other clients. With automation, you can offer your services to clients who would not normally (without automation) be able to afford them.

  1. Simplify the process

The ad creation process will be simpler and more efficient. The ability to create ads that one would not be able to do manually – product text ads for Google Search for hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of products. The offer, availability or price of products is constantly changing and advertising for these products needs to change as well. This is made possible by using the product feed generated by the e-shop, which always contains up-to-date information.

  1. Obtain better results

With the time saved, marketers get more room for creativity, analysis of ad campaign performance, or maximizing conversion values, leading to better results.

Online retailers often offer hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of products in their e-shops, whose availability, stock, or price change every day. It is therefore essential that the advertising of these products also has to change and adapt in real time. The only way to achieve this is to use a product feed that is generated by the e-shop and always contains the most up-to-date information about the products.

How to automate product ads?

Google has fully automated Shopping ads by creating Smart Shopping Campaigns. Working with this advertising format is very simple. You upload your product data in the Google Merchant Center account, where you create a product data feed. There, you can filter the products you want to advertise, such as availability. Plus, unlike traditional Shopping Ads, Smart Shopping Campaigns reach people across multiple networks like YouTube, Gmail, and the Display Network.

This is worse with Product Text Ads where Google has not offered this option yet. It is therefore necessary to rely on external tools to take care of automation. Before moving on to automation, it is necessary to mention that we distinguish three types of product text ads:

  1. Product campaign

The keyword in this type of campaign is the product name in the most specific form possible. This means that it contains the brand, model, type, color, etc. We focus on a customer who knows exactly what he is looking for. Therefore, the advantage is a higher conversion rate. After clicking on the ad, the customer gets directly to the product page in the e-shop where they can buy it immediately. If you want to know more, read Human search based campaigns on Google Search.

  1. Product group campaign

Product group campaign advertises product groups. It focuses on customers who know what product they want to buy, but do not know its details (color, size, type…) or they want to compare. Clicking on an ad will take them to the search results on your e-shop, where they will see the specific variations of the product you offer and will choose according to their preferences. If you are curious about more details of this campaign, read Google Product-Group Text Ads.

  1. Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

If you sell and want to advertise products that are not well searched in the market, have low search volume, you can advertise with Dynamic Search Ads. In this case, the Google Index and SEO power of the product pages of the e-shop are used. Feel free to read more about Dynamic Search Ads for products.

When can I automate these three campaign types?

Automated advertising requires two basic things: a properly set up Google Ads account and a data feed with up-to-date product information. This can be any .XML product data feed that is eligible for price comparators, Google Merchant Center, or Google Sheets. A suitable .XML feed contains the product name, price, category, manufacturer, URL address. It can additionally include model, color and other parameters. Based on the information in this feed, the campaign will be customized.

Automate with BlueWinston.com

As mentioned, Google has not yet developed an automation feature for Product Ads. Therefore, when it comes to them, we need to rely on third-party tools. For example, BlueWinston.com lets you create Google Search ads for thousands of products in two minutes.

Learn more about BlueWinston.com and how it can make your life easier.

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