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PPC Specialists

Michal Král - Pricemania
I definitely recommend the tool, we have noticed a significant improvement of results.
Pavol Mikulička - PVM system
Superb campaign management and a reliable, responsible and diligent contact person.
Daniel Pavlik
Useful and effective tool for eshop with large portfolio.
René Pallo
Make our work easier, but it also supports the sales, we were able to optimize expenses and increase both profits and turnover in a way that no other tool can facilitate.
Suitable for an e-shop with lots of products. Since we have started using the BW, our profits in the Google Ads have increased.
Top-level tool for automatized generation of product ads. I strongly recommend BlueWinston to each marketer.
Radoslav Balajka
Linking Luigi´s box with BlueWinson, the client gets a multiple times added value.
Thanks to BlueWinston we are are having in full control over the ads´ management for all products at minimal expenses.
Since we started to use the BlueWinston tool, we can pay more attention to other e-commerce activities. Amazing tool for our online segment!
BlueWinston adaptation to our requirements is unique in the world.
Really good boost for sales with fair price.
A team of people who know what they are doing.
Easy, fast, great campaign management, automated description for your all product for your Google campaign.
I appreciate great pro-active ongoing support from the executive.
Roman Kentos
My experience with BlueWinston is personally positive. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive.
Alica Šromovská Effectix
For a long time, no tool has made the work as easy for me as Blue Winston.
Michal Petrík - Netsuccess
Thanks to BlueWinston, we can quickly create campaigns for a huge amount of products.
Vladimír Karkuš
I appreciate the unique and fast way of creating keywords and unique ads.
Jakub Gombár - Invelity
New features are being regularly implemented, the support is also excellent.
Peter Kalafut
Thanks to automation, BlueWinston saves a lot of time by managing campaigns in an extensive assortment of e-shops.
David Bulin - Better
Easy and clear campaign setup. Targeting on specific products or series, very good results after optimization.
Petr Myšák - Next Vision
The provided trial period is also a very good idea, thanks to which we can verify the effectiveness of the tool.
Adam Árendáš - Media and Digital services
BlueWinston helps us to reduce time spent on Google Search campaings and increase efficiency.
Monika Okenková - PPC marketing
Pair your data feed with BW and to manage your google campaigns realy easily.
Miroslav Rendl - Koffein
Capture more search queries than competitors. Product name can fit into two line of title.
Alex Prochyra
Great ability to increase revenue. I highly recommend to use BlueWinston for all performance marketers.
Martin Mucha
Blue Winston is my number one choice on the market of optimization tools for Adwords.
Tomáš Kraus - Koffein
Tool to build thousands of ad groups and designed to deal with duplicated keywords effectively,
András Bajomi
I found it A-W-E-S-O-M-E! That’s a very complex, incredibly smart tool.
Áron Bay - PPC pro
BlueWinston is an ultimate tool to get the best conversion results from Google Search product ads.
Jana Trojanová - Effectix
Saves valuable time spent on setting up the PPC campaign by 30%
Jakub Sedláček - Koffein
Perfect tool for product campaign automation run by a team with very helpful and forthcoming attitude.
Eva Drábiková - GoUP
We needed to automate price matching and product names in ad texts, navigation in the BlueWinston interface is easy, quick and user-friendly
Daniel Birás - Visibility
We can display product name, price, package in Ads and direct the user to specific product subpage
Zuzana Pakoracka - Performics
Good support and hints, product campaigns, clear and user-friendly interface.
Peter Strbo
Top-class tool for every PPC specialist, constantly being developed. Available for small and large companies.
Martin Sova
Comprehensive application with high-quality individual support that can actually increase profits by tens of percent.
Adela Bednáriková - iFocus
We use BlueWinston for travel agencies - user sees the price of the cheapest holiday in the selected hotel, next available dates, discounts and so on.
Ivan Sidla
The interface is very intuitive and the creation of a new campaign takes only few minutes.
Jozef Simon
BlueWinston has made the campaign administration easier, reduced the cost per conversion and increased the overall campaign efficiency.
Martina Copp
We strongly recommend the competitive advantages offered by BlueWinston
Lucia Kocianová
Amazing user-friendly tool that saves time and also increases the efficiency of campaigns.
Krzysztof Marzec
We see great potential in the tool, automated actions bring good effect.
Many pre-defined way how you can extract or trim the keywords from different elements in feed.
Pleasant surprise! Easy to use, reliable and with good support.
It makes administration PPC campaigns easier and faster.
Martin Bulák
Best app for product campaigns in Google Ads.
Simple, time saver, unique in the way the tool creates keywords compared to other tools, good price.
Casper Andersson
Blue Winston is the best addition I’ve come across since Google decided to relaunch Shopping campaigns.
Michaela Rondošová
BlueWinston is an excellent tool when there is way too much to do. This tool is a little miracle for marketers who work with bigger e-shops and hundreds of products. 
Radostin Shavov
I found BlueWinston to be exactly what I needed.