Campaign types

Feed-Driven Product campaigns for Google: Product ads from XML product data feed

PPC AdWords Campaigns that you don’t find anywhere else! They will help you create search ads & keywords for all products from an XML feed.

Create Product Text Ads in 2 minutes!

Have you ever try to create Text Ads for your products on Google Search? You realized that it can take tens of minutes to cover just a few of your products. But how can you advertise all your products and create eligible long-tail keywords and gather more profit? Use our tool for Google. We told you that you can generate Product Text Ads in 5 minutes, but we lied! You can do it in 2 minutes. The bulletproof video is finally here!

Product campaign

Product campaigns are a must for every product ad. Thanks to automation, every online store in the world can benefit from its advantages and advertise specific products! Product names serve as keywords for displaying ads. After clicking on the ad, the user will be directed to the subpage of a given product. Target your advertising to customers who know what product they are looking for.

product ads for hundreds, thousands or ten thousands of products
highly targeted ads directed at specific customers
promotion of products which people are really looking for
achieve the lowest conversion costs
– automatically created from the XML feed

Automated product campaign in Google Search
Automated product - group campaign in Google Search

Product – Group campaign

Automated product group campaigns are the most universal campaign type in the world. Thanks to them, you can advertise a group of products (2 or more). Keywords are their common properties which are automatically generated by BlueWinston; for example the same model or a product variant. The ad directs the customer to the search results in your e-shop.

– automated creation of product groups and ads
– reach higher % of potential customers
allow product selection based on customer preferences
– maximize the conversion rate for the lowest price possible
– all feed-driven campaigns


DSA for Products campaign

This product campaign is a special campaign type complementing other basic product campaigns. Thanks to DSA, you can advertise products whose keywords have low search volume and, therefore, cannot be advertised on Google Search. DSA ads include product pages in their headlines, and their success rate is based on the Google Index of your websites. The more unique the content of your product pages, the greater the chance that the quality of your ad and your profit will grow!

benefit from the use of Google Index of your websites
eliminate low search volume
DSA ads support product ads automatically

Automated Dynamic Search ads in Google Search

Cover all product search queries with our campaigns

Cover all search traffic with 3 product campaigns
Automated shopping ads (product listing ads) in Google Search

Smart Google Shopping Campaign

We launched a new campaign type that will include the creation of Google Shopping ads together with Dynamic remarketing ads on Google Display, Youtube and Gmail.
automated creation of a Google feed
Google Shopping advertising
autonomous dynamic remarketing on Google Display
optimization of ads


Brand + Product Campaign

Customers often search products by tags and categories such as NIKE men’s sneakers. Thanks to automation, you can create ads for different categories and brands easily and effectively. Achieve a high relevance score of your ads, provide your customers with the option to further filter your products and to buy the right one.

automated creation of keywords for product categories
elimination of risk and targeting your ad to customers searching a specific brand
less time spent by manual tasks
achieve a higher % of  CTR

Automated Brand + Product category campaigns in Google Search
Automated onsite search keywords campaign in Google Search

Human Search-Based campaign

Thanks to a very specific tool, which focuses on full-text search results in your e-shop, we are able to fully automatically generate a campaign. A campaign created in this way uses ONLY convertible search terms from the e-shop! This results in a huge improvement in average conversion rates and returns on investment.

advertise only the keywords people really search for
automation of search analytics
get recommendations
get an overview and new marketing opportunities
reach up to 25% conversion rate


Product Campaign scheme via BlueWinston – ideal scheme!

Take a look at the ideal structure of product-based PPC campaigns for Google Search which you can achieve with the use of our tool.

Best performing Automated PPC product campaigns structure for your products in Google Ads


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