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Feed driven Product campaigns for Google Ads

PPC AdWords Campaigns, which you don’t find anywhere else, to help you create search ads & keywords for all products from XML feed.

Product campaign

Product search text ads as a must be campaign type. Thanks to automation, each and every e-shop in the world can benefit from them and advertise on specific products! Product names serve as keywords based on which the ads are displayed. After clicking on the ad, the user is directed to the subpage of the given product. Direct your advertising at customers who know what product they are looking for.

– ads for hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of goods
– highly-targeted ads directed at specific customers
– advertise products people are really looking for
– achieve the lowest cost per conversion
– automatically created from XML feed

Automated product campaign in Google Search
Automated product - group campaign in Google Search

Product – Group campaign

Automated product-group search ads campaigns are the world’s most unique campaign type. With them you can advertise on a group of products (2 and more). Keywords are their common features that are autonomously reviewed by the BlueWinston tool, for example: same model or variation. The ad itself directs the customer at search results in your e-shop.

– automated creation of product groups and ads
– reach higher % of potential customers
– let customers choose products according to their preferences
– maximize the conversion rate for the lowest price possible
– all feed-driven campaigns


DSA Product campaign

It is a special campaign type complementing other basic product campaigns. With DSA you can advertise on products whose keywords have low search volume and, therefore, cannot be advertised in Google Search. DSA ads show in their headline names of product pages and the success rate is based on the Google Index of your websites. The more original the content of your product pages is, the higher the chance that the quality of advertising and profit will grow!

– benefit from Google Index of your websites
– forget Low Search Volume
– DSA support product ads automatically

Automated Dynamic Search ads in Google Search
Cover all search traffic with 3 product campaigns
Automated Brand + Product category campaigns in Google Search

Brand + Product type campaign

Customers often search for products by entering a brand and a category, such as NIKE men’s sneakers. With automation you can create ads for different categories and brands sold within categories easily and efficiently. Achieve high relevance score of you ads, provide customers with the ability to filter your products more deeply and buy the right item.

– automate creation of keywords for product categories
– target only at people who are looking for a brand + category
– spend time on marketing rather than manual tasks
– achieve great %CTR with BPT campaigns

Human Search Based campaign

Thanks to cooperation with very specific tool called which is focusing on fulltext search results in your e-shop, we are able to automatically generate campaign through API connection of these 2 tools, which is filled with ONLY convertible searchterms from your e-shop! Result is huge improvement in average conversion rate and ROI!

– advertise on keywords people really search for to buy goods
– automate search analytics reporting and get recommendations
– do not miss out on opportunities and get an overview
– reach up to 25% conversion rate

Automated onsite search keywords campaign in Google Search
Automated shopping ads (product listing ads) in Google Search

Smart Shopping campaign

We are currently working on a new campaign type that will include the creation of Google Shopping ads together with Dynamic remarketing ads in Google Display.
– automated creation of the Google feed
– advertising in Google Shopping
– autonomous dynamic remarketing in Google Display
– Smart Bidding for Google Ads

Automated product campaigns structure via

Look how your product campaigns can look like thanks to using all types of BlueWinston’s campaigns and automation!

Best performing Automated PPC product campaigns structure for your products in Google Ads
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