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Shopping ads and Text ads for products together in Google Search

“According to Google study, customers who see both Product text ads and Shopping ads (PLAs) at the same time are 90% more prone to do purchase on the retailer’s website!”


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E-commerce merchants & Agencies 💙 BlueWinston

78% of users were satisfied with campaign results and continued using BlueWinston after free trial expiration.

"I consider BlueWinston a tool that provides great opportunities for business expansion. The tool has the ability to increase revenue, to find the most trending products and, of course, to facilitate work for the marketer. Last but not least, BlueWinston has one of the best team, always ready and willing to help."

Alex Prochyra

"For a long time, no tool has made the work as easy for me as Blue Winston. I do not have to worry about anything and the campaigns work great. My clients are satisfied, they earn more money (they invest less in campaigns) and I save time with Blue Winston. I have already tested several applications, but I did not like any of them, only the Blue Winston."

Alica Sromovska

"BlueWinston allows you to automate optimizations of product campaigns thanks to Google scripts. I have to mention that BW product-group campaigns are designed to deal with duplicated keywords effectively, whereas other similar applications do not offer a meaningful solution to this."

Tomas Kraus

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* Pricing is based on  total number of products which are inside of XML feed(s) which are used for campaign creation process of your text ads.

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What is Blue Winston?

Blue Winston is an automated tool for creating text product ads and Smart Shopping campaigns for Google. Product ads display on the following Google networks: Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, and Gmail.

With, you can not only automate the creation of ads for your products, but also create keywords for every single product. The tool works on the basis of an embedded (URL) product XML feed and forms an integral part of each online store operator.

To some extent, Blue Winston can also help optimize campaigns with a set of automated rules and bidding scripts that are applied in an incredibly short time.

Read more -> Why to choose BlueWinston.

What campaign types can I create with Blue Winston?

1.) Product Campaign ► the users get to the exact searched product in the e-shop – keywords and text ads to Google Search consist of product names and parameters. 

2.) Product-Group campaign ► if the users does not know the full product name, but only a part of it – they get straight to the search results where they can choose the appropriate model or type of product. 

3.) Product DSA (Dynamic Search Ad) ► campaign for products with low-search volume, those containing long keywords, products from the fashion segment, or unknown to the user by their name. 

4.) Smart Shopping Campaign ► a unique type of Shopping Ads on Google Search. Not only do you target specific products and display them with a price tag and product image, but they also have the benefit of being distributed across all Google networks. Blue Winston, as one of the few in the world, offers the possibility of advanced product filtering not only by product category, brand or other parameters but also by price ranges or the resulting margin, so that you only advertise such products that earn you money. 

5.) Campaign for products that are searched for in your online store ► ads based on a tracking system of real users searches for products and purchases in your online store.

Will you help me build my campaigns and use the tool?

To get started, you don’t need to have any experience creating product campaigns. You do not have to spend your precious time studying instructions and setting up campaigns! We take care of everything – just sign up!

 After signing up, we will create several pilot campaigns tailored to your products. Before activating them, we will explain all the processes we used to create them. We’ll be happy to give you online video call training to see how the tool works live. During your 30-day trial, we will also optimize your campaigns and keep you informed of their performance.

 Save your time and leave campaign creation to our Blue Winston team!

Will I be able to use Blue Winston myself?

Blue Winston is a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool that works based on embedded XML feed (e.g. for Heureka, Facebook…). Campaign creation and orientation in the tool environment is very intuitive. Detailed instructions and video tutorials will help you get started and create campaigns quickly.

We also encourage you to visit our website ( and blog ( for a wealth of useful information, improvements and recommendations.

You can also count on 24/7 support from us.


What is the price for using BW?

Price (from 39 €) is calculated based on the number of products found in the product XML feed ► price list.

If you have a campaign with 100 products, but there are a total of 100,000 products in the XML feed, then the price is calculated based on 100,000 products, as the system must work with the entire package when processing of the XML feed. If you are interested, you can get up to -100% discount on Blue Winston by providing a primary link to your Google Ads account. Read more here:

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BlueWinston is usable with every type of e-shop. Moreover, you can use our tool among CMS that are stated under. You can use BlueWinston directly in Shopify or Magento thanks to its integration with generating XML feeds as well. This makes it a useful addition to what BlueWinston already offers. Choose your plugin and read more:

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