• Why to choose BlueWinston.com?

Why to choose BlueWinston.com?

In this article, we will quickly and simply introduce you to the main benefits of “competitive” tools from home and abroad.

We will not mention the features we “all” have, but we will rather briefly introduce you to those you will not find anywhere else and that will make you love the tool and get the best performance of product performance campaigns in Google Search.

World’s unique automated Five Product Campaign types

Thanks to Blue Winston you can create ads for almost 100% product search queries than with any other competitive tool for Google Search, Display, Youtube and Gmail.


Keywords creationExtremely easy keywords creation

With a unique core of keyword creation for every single product or group of products, you do not have to bother with the lengthy regex, filtering, and XML (product feed) cleanup. With literally just one click, you create long-tail keywords for hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of your products.

One-click product longtail keywords creation

Per PartesGradual launch of keywords alias Per-Partes

Per-Partes has already saved tens of thousands of euros to our customers. There is beauty in simplicity. The goal of each product-targeted ad is to have the longest possible keywords forms, and this method ensures that unnecessarily shorter and short forms never start.

Unique Product-Group campaigns (ads)

Blue Winston is in truly a number one on the global market. We have been developing the feature of automatic detection of product groups for more than 5 years and are still developing it. These are more generic phrases that people are more likely to search for that specific and long product names that gives our advertisers much more traffic with much more conversions. Learn more about product-group campaigns.


Innovative Ad Pattern builder – text ad template

With our builder, you will always get the right ads for every single product in your e-shop combined with another unique feature on the market, namely “Prolonging headline 1 to headline 2”. It is basically an option to display these words and phrases in 2 headings in the ad itself for a long product name.

Ad Template builder for Product Text Ads on Google Search

Affordable for everyoneAffordable and accessible for everyone

In some cases, Blue Winston is up to 60% cheaper than competitors. Small shops with a small number of the product have it already for 39€/m. and big stores save monthly thousands of euros with at least the same, if not higher performance! The price list is also based on the exact number of data feed products, which is scaled after every 1000 pieces of products, so you do not lose or repay any extra crown. Last but not least, even our low price list can be equipped with a remarkable discount – just contact us and learn how to do it; [email protected].

Including synchronization every 6 hoursIncluding synchronization every 6 hours

Our clients appreciate that they have synchronized their product data feed and ads every 6 hours, as opposed to competitors.

Dealing with Google Ads bad wordsTracking and solution for BadWords

A very simple and clear system that takes care of your bad words, trademarks and forbidden words in ad texts and keywords. Thanks to it, you can leave the approval process to BlueWinston itself, and you can also add your own BadWords or alternatives to them.

Dynamic Search Ads for ProductsDSA-P (Dynamic Search Ads for Products)

We have upgraded dynamic search ads for concrete products to the highest level. Every 6 hours, the status of a “classic” product-targeted campaign is checked, where the ad groups are dedicated to individual products. When a product has all the low-search keywords, they automatically switch to DSA-P, where Google will do the most for you and will try to advertise non-advertisable products on Google Search thanks to Google Index. The result is guaranteed.

Ads based on real search queries from your e-shopAds based on real search queries from your e-shop

So-called Human Search-Based campaigns, which thanks to onsite search analytics from your e-shop create keywords from such search queries that have led to at least 3 real purchases in the past 90 days. Contact us to get these unique campaigns via [email protected].

Dynamic Search Ads for CategoriesDSA-C (Dynamic Search Ads for Categories)

The biggest product price comparison tool in Slovakia and the Czech Republic knows what we are talking about. This is a unique opportunity to create automated DSAs for every single category or subcategory in your e-shop. Alternatively, in relation to a brand. This is how Google Index can handle hundreds or thousands of categories. These campaigns are well-known for their smart bidding by Google Ads, such as Target ROAS or Target CPA. How do we get them? Simply, thanks to the primitive ImportXML feature through Google Sheets in a second!

BPT alias Brand Product Type campaignBPT alias Brand Product Type campaign

Campaigns that target categories of products filtered by brand. It creates keywords and ads for Adidas Basketball Sneakers, Nike Basketball Sneakers and so on. Just a little help from your e-shop programmer and the highest targeting with high conversion rate are born and are still updated with your e-shop.

.CSV and Google Sheets converter to XML

BlueWinston´s core is built on parsing XML feeds. Why? Because it is the world´s most standard and reliable feed format. Anyway, we know that many of you have “only” CSV or Google Sheet feed. We will convert it for free for you to take advantage of the power of our Google Search product campaign automation tool.

Demand-driven continuous developmentDemand-driven continuous development

We are well-known for developing the features our clients want at very short intervals, which we are very proud of, and believe that it is also one of the reasons to choose BlueWinston.com.

Pilot campaigns for freePilot campaigns for free

To test out our tool you do not have to learn how to use it. Our team of PPC specialists will help you with tailored campaigns, whether you are an online store or agency/PPC freelancer, who registers one or several of your customers for a test.

Enhanced Smart Shopping AdsEnhanced Smart Shopping Ads

Google has announced that Shopping Ads will come to CEE countries by the end of summer. With support from Google, BlueWinston is preparing a unique version of these ads, where you can take advantage of classic Smart Shopping Ads and enjoy the power of Smart Shopping in one!

BlackBox Bidding Tool(Coming Soon) BlackBox Bidding Tool

Maybe you know it and maybe not, but the biggest load test during the first weeks of advertising is just the bidding and management of campaigns themselves. It does not matter whether they are created manually for tens of keywords or automatically for thousands of them. It is always important to take the time or to use third-party optimization tools. Soon we will be bringing you the first beta version of the bidding tool, which is a follow-up to our initial artificial intelligence and will be based on machine learning. We want to bring you a tool and a feature that fills the so-called bridging period between campaign initial time and the point where you can switch to Smart Bidding directly from Google Ads. But for that, you need performance and data. We will bring you a solution that will make your investments a few times more valuable and your ads and keyword structure will be optimized fully automatically and robotically for you!

ECHIS (External Changes Integration System)

We are talking about very enhanced technology thanks to which you can do anything with your campaigns right in Google Ads account. You can pause or enable any keyword(s), text ad(s), ad group(s) or even campaign(s) according to your needs. You can also create your own keyword(s), text ad(s), ad group(s) in Google Ads in campaigns created via Blue Winston. Thanks to ECHIS you are able to use 3rd party tools for optimization or bidding as well which opens you new opportunities.

We will provide a discount of up to -20% for clicks on Google Shopping Ads

Thanks to our additional service called CSS Shopping in EU, you can now enjoy the benefits of cutting costs up to -20% for the cost per click on Google Shopping Ads. The unique competitive advantage is that we are the only CSS Partner in CEE that can offer you this service for free. Learn more about CSS and calculate the Google Shopping Ads discount you can get.


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