Attribution models Google and Microsoft Ads

In the world of advertising, every click or view counts! That's why we use attribution models to understand which ad channels really deliver results. These models help us find out where it is worth investing. So in today's article we will look at how the attribution models in Google or Microsoft Ads help us

Microsoft Audience Network and its benefits

Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN) is an innovative display advertising platform from Microsoft. It brings revolutionary possibilities in the creation of advertising campaigns in the Microsoft network, which includes Microsoft Edge, Outlook and MSN. This network allows advertisers to effectively and accurately reach the desired target group. Thanks to MSAN's ability to advertise on

Google Ads Account Restrictions

In the online advertising sphere, effective management of advertising campaigns through Google Ads is a fundamental pillar of success. Although the platform provides tremendous targeting and setup options, advertisers often face challenges in the form of limitations that can hinder their efforts to achieve optimal performance. In this article, we'll explore the limitations of Google | BlueWinston generated close to 500,000 ÔéČ in turnover

WIDEOREJESTRATORY24.PL is a specialized online store that commercially launched in May 2014 on the Allegro service and since August 2014, it has been conducting sales under its own brand and domain (short: The mission that the store has consistently pursued since the beginning of its operations, the storeÔÇÖs mission

How to Expand Your e-shop to France?

E-commerce in France continues to grow in popularity. In 2023, it ranked seventh in the global ranking of e-commerce markets. According to the ECDB platform, it is expected to further increase by 4.6% in the coming years. Several factors support this growth. The prevalence of mobile technologies, a broader range of products, and

The most common mistakes in e-commerce strategies

The e-commerce strategy, as a set of plans, is often referred to as an action plan or organized procedure that determines how a company utilizes the online environment to sell its products or services. This strategy encompasses various aspects, including marketing, logistics, customer service, payment options, and many others. Creating a successful e-commerce

Global Launch of P.Max Campaigns in Microsoft Ads

As of March 5th, Performance Max campaigns are globally available within Microsoft Advertising (previously in open beta). This new type of campaign, also known as P.Max, provides you with the opportunity to utilize cutting-edge artificial intelligence for efficient management of your campaign. What are Microsoft Performance Max campaigns?

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