Samsung case study: How we use BlueWinston product campaigns

Samsung - a brand that delivers innovation and TOP products for the home (smartphones, tablets, headphones, smart watches, TVs, washing machines, dryers and accessories). It sells its products through its partners as well as through its own eshop. Starmedia - media agency that focuses on media communication for brands. It

Why & How To Use Custom Affinity Audiences | (+3 proven strategies)

Every successful ad needs the right audience to thrive. You can create the most engaging and innovative campaign, however it’s less likely to succeed unless you target the right audience. Google’s solution is targeting your desired audience by allowing advertisers to refine their audience reach based on a number of factors. One

Case study: Results from using the Image Extension via BlueWinston

During November we tested a new feature in BlueWinston, namely creating images for the Image Extension. The advantage is that BlueWinston creates one or two images for each product (ad group) to be used for the Image Extension. You can read a more detailed explanation of what Image Extension is here.

What ROAS can you expect in different segments?

Through BlueWinston, you can create product campaigns for Google search. Such campaigns are especially suitable for online stores, as they help advertise hundreds or thousands of products very effectively. In BlueWinston, you can also set how to create keywords and ads for each product in the campaign. Quite often we come across questions

How to set up Image Extension in BlueWinston campaigns

What are Image Extensions? It is an image of a product next to Text Ad shown on Google Search. This way you can engage users more because they can also see what the product looks like. A Text Ad with an image also increases click-through rate (CTR) and therefore leads to higher campaign performance.

Interview: PPC freelancer Lukáš Král on working from Thailand

We have been working with PPC freelancer Lukáš Král for a while now. He works from Thailand and manages PPC campaigns for Czech and Slovak clients. We asked him how satisfied is he with our PPC tool BlueWinston, how does he communicate with clients over long distances and what it's like to live

Create a Google Ads account – Get started with Google Ads

Google AdWords, now Google Ads, is a system for online advertising of products and services on Google. For such advertising, you need your online account and website to link. Sign up and creating an account with this system is free and easy, taking only couple of minutes. We have written for you a clear

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