Email notifications with more accurate error descriptions

We wanted to improve our error handling and tracking systems so that errors that sometimes occur could be easily corrected. With this update, we can find specific errors that you can correct and notify you via email. We hope that with frequent error updates and their corrections your campaigns can be improved and can

Candid Solutions: How we brought 2 e-shops more than 2 000 000 € in 5 years

We've known each other for several years and since then you have been using BlueWinston for two e-shops for around 5 years ago now. During that time, we were in constant contact and you could of course watch as our tool developed through the years. I would like to ask how

Guide: How to advertise books with BlueWinston? (2nd part)

In the first part of the BlueWinston Book Advertising Guides, we showed you how can you simplify the creation of keywords and ads for individual books in BlueWinston. This can save you a lot of time when creating and managing campaigns. In this second part, we'll talk about how can BlueWinston automate text

Boosters: How we advertise books and authors through BlueWinston

Boosters - an online performance agency led by Martin Bulák and together with Jana Mešťanová they manage Google Ads campaign. The agency focuses on advertising strategies through various platforms, including performance PPC campaigns in Google search.. A problem that we had to solve In the case

Performics: How we achieved ROAS 5000% with Product text campaigns through BlueWinston

Performics - a global marketing agency focused on performance campaigns. A team of experts from 57 countries that use local knowledge of the markets and with their many years of experience brings great business and marketing results for their clients. The specialists at Performics Slovakia bring not only expertise and a focus on

ANAG: How we achieved 1700% ROAS from BlueWinston campaigns

ANAG - publishing and educational company ANAG has been operating on the Czech market since 1990. It organizes professional seminars and publishes professional publications and magazines. ANAG's products are mainly in the areas of labor, wages, insurance, economics, taxes, accounting, human resources, labor and business law. The problem we

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