About us

About us

We’ve created a tool to help your e-shop grow

The history of the international online marketing agency and BlueWinston tool

At the beginning, Winston bros Ltd. operated as a typical online agency for a narrow circle of clients. We realized, that our clients are having a huge number of products in their e-shops that should be advertised in some way, but it was not physically possible to create an ad for each product manually.
From that has resulted the need to create a tool that speeds up the processes and makes them more effective. For the first three years was BlueWiston tool used only for our clients. But it did not take long, and similar tools started to be created around the world. That has encouraged us to make BlueWinston available for other agencies, or end-users. We are pleased about their enthusiasm for our tool, the satisfaction, and excellent results that are daily being reached thanks to us.
In 2018 we became the key and lucrative Google Channel Partner as one of the few agencies out of the total of around 38.000 agencies in the world.

Describtion of our product in one sentence only?

Ultimate system for e-commerce advertising in Google Search

Our Primary Sector?

Ultimate system for e-commerce advertising in Google Search

Long description of our product?

App for creating, optimizing and retargeting product and worlds unique product-group campaigns for advertising in Google search (Text Ads). BlueWinston is usable for almost any e-commerce site in the world. Enhanced Artificial intelligence for CPC bids management and many automated Google scripts save your time so you can do better job with optimizing.

What is our idea/ business?

Spend less (time and money) to bring more targeted customers for e-shops.

Problem our product solves?

Impossibility of human being to create campaigns in Google search for hundreds or even thousands of products.

What is our key innovation?

Reducing Product Long-Tail Keywords with LOW SEARCH VOLUME effect and unique Product-Group campaigns for products of the same model or type.

What is the USP (Unique Selling Point)?

Get more profitable product ads for less money than with any other app in the world.

Who are our main competitors? In what way we are better/different?

BlueWinston.com Adboost.co.uk, PPCbee.com

– Payment for service and not for number of products
– Up to 80% more affordable
– Unique Product-GROUP campaigns
– Unique methods how to create long-tail eligible keywords
– Unique DSA-P (Dynamic search ads for Products)
– Unlimited number of product campaigns
– Reduction Long-tail Keywords with Low Search volume effect
– Per Partes Method – gradually enabling of keywords
– Artificial Intelligence
– Synchronization every 4 hours