Performance Max Ads

Performance Max Ads on Microsoft Ads

We believe you are already familiar with Performance Max and know how simple they are to create.
They are equally high-quality and effective advertisements in Microsoft Ads!

Performance Max campaigns

We bring P.Max campaigns
to Microsoft Ads:

Performance Max ads are a hybrid type of campaign that targets both Shopping and Display networks. Your ad will appear in prominent positions and easily attract customers.

Why create P.Max campaigns through BlueWinston?

P.Max does not officially exist in Microsoft Ads – it is still Beta
Use BlueWinston to create P.Max campaigns and be the first
Campaign performance is very similar to Google P.Max campaigns
Simple creation and optimization directly in BlueWinston

Setting up strong ads no longer takes hours, but just a few clicks.
Allow automation to effectively take care of your ads.

Advantages of Performance Max ads

Main advantages of Performance Max ads in Microsoft

Creation of P.Max campaigns is extremely simple and will only take you a few minutes. Of course, this type of advertising will also reach other networks with remarketing – MSN, Outlook, and similar. The time saved can then be devoted to optimizing campaigns through the BlueWinston reports.

Advantages of creating P.Max campaigns in BlueWinston:

Advanced filtering → by category, price, margin, etc.
Smart Shopping ads → campaigns without asset groups
Automatic optimization → pausing of non-performing products
Reports → clear reports for easy optimization

P.Max campaigns = Something brand new in Microsoft Ads:

  • High conversion rate → customers can see the image and price of the product

  • Less competition → start collecting data and advertising effectively on the new platform

  • Quick setup → just select the products and set the budget for the campaign

  • Dynamic remarketing → reach people on multiple Microsoft networks

  • Automatic optimization → the tool can automatically pause non-performing products

  • Campaign updates → campaigns are updated every 6 hours by default

If you want to run P.Max campaigns in Microsoft Ads please let us know.
We have to whitelist your account since P.Max ads are not widely available.

I want to run P.Max campaigns in Microsoft Ads
How to create product campaigns for Microsoft Ads in BlueWinston
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