Product Text Ads in Microsoft Ads

Product Text Ads in Microsoft Ads

Create ads for every single product on your e-shop in Microsoft Ads in just a few minutes.
With the help of automation in BlueWinston, you can generate keywords and ads with just a few clicks.

Benefits of Product Text Ads

Key Benefits of Product
Text Ads in Bing Search

Creating text ads for thousands of products in Microsoft Ads can be
a time-consuming process. With us, all you need to do is connect your product feed. The tool will guide you through campaign creation in
a matter of minutes. You don’t need to use any regex or other complex keyword parsing functions from product names.

Why is it worth automating with BlueWinston?

✓ You don’t use any complex keyword parsing methods
Advanced product filtering (product name, category, price, etc.)
Automatic creation of keywords or combination of XML tags
Targeting an individual product in the e-shop

Customers who know the products search by exact names.
Don’t miss a sale, start using Product Text campaigns.

Keyword creation and Ad Patterns

Keyword creation and Ad Patterns

Imagine that you have 3,000 products in your e-shop and you need to create unique keywords and relevant ads for each one.

That’s why BlueWinston brings you:

Keyword creation by product name truncation
Truncation by length, duplicates finder, etc.
Combination of tags from the product XML file
Use of tags from the XML file in ad templates
Updated ads and XML files every 6 hours

What benefits await you if you start using BlueWinston?

  • Effortless campaign creation → Copy your Google campaign settings directly to Microsoft campaigns

  • Unique advertising → Be among the first Product Text Ads in the Bing search

  • Low cost per click → The overall cost of this type of campaign is much lower than P.Max ads

  • High quality of targeting → Reach customers who really know your product

  • Click-through rate → Comparable % CTR as from Google Ads campaigns

  • Competition → Microsoft Ads is a newer platform and therefore there are fewer competitors

How to create product campaigns for Microsoft Ads in BlueWinston
What campaign structure do we recommend for Microsoft Ads?
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