BBG: BlueWinston brought the €2,000,000 in turnover

Berlin Brands Group (BBG) - pioneer and leader in D2C business. For more than 10 years, it has focused on the development, production, distribution and marketing of 45+ brands. "We bring joy, and transform conventional solutions. From cooking, gardening, playing sports to experiencing music and furnishing the homes of millions of customers

How we helped Ecomod with Performance campaigns

Ecomod is a well-known Romanian Marketplace with over 10 years of e-commerce experience. The portal offers more than 50,000 products from various merchants with a focus on furniture and home & garden accessories. Ecomod focuses mainly on merchants who sell their products online, expand their business, and at the same time, they offer

How did Camix achieve a ROAS of 7000% using product ads?

Camix is a British vendor of high-end photo equipment and accessories. Based in Leeds, they sell renowned brands from companies such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, and Panasonic both online and in-store. The popularity and high quality of services are also verified by highly rated reviews on Trustpilot. What

Market24: How do they use BlueWinston for expansion to Hungary and the Czech Republic

Market 24 is an e-shop that offers a wide variety of toys and products for children, such as strollers, car seats, tricycles, bouncers, blankets, beanies, and more. In addition, they also sell household and family products, sports equipment, and health goods. The e-shop offers more than 60,000 different products

How does HiFi Klubben use BlueWinston for unique Google Ads?

HiFi Klubben is one of Europe's largest retail chains for high-quality HiFi, specializing in home audio. The company was founded in 1980 in Denmark and currently operates through 95 physical stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands, as well as five national online stores with average monthly traffic of over 1 million

Moyo UA: How did we help with campaigns for each product?

MOYO.UA is one of the largest retailers of electronics, home appliances, and other consumer goods in Ukraine. They started the business by opening their first store in 2009. Since then their business boomed and right now they own a large e-shop with over 40.000 products. They also operate through 56 outlets in 29

Candid Solutions: How we brought 2 e-shops more than 2 000 000 € in 5 years

We've known each other for several years and since then you have been using BlueWinston for two e-shops for around 5 years ago now. During that time, we were in constant contact and you could of course watch as our tool developed through the years. I would like to ask how

Boosters: How we advertise books and authors through BlueWinston

Boosters - an online performance agency led by Martin Bulák and together with Jana Mešťanová they manage Google Ads campaign. The agency focuses on advertising strategies through various platforms, including performance PPC campaigns in Google search.. A problem that we had to solve In the case

Performics: How we achieved ROAS 5000% with Product text campaigns through BlueWinston

Performics - a global marketing agency focused on performance campaigns. A team of experts from 57 countries that use local knowledge of the markets and with their many years of experience brings great business and marketing results for their clients. The specialists at Performics Slovakia bring not only expertise and a focus on

ANAG: How we achieved 1700% ROAS from BlueWinston campaigns

ANAG - publishing and educational company ANAG has been operating on the Czech market since 1990. It organizes professional seminars and publishes professional publications and magazines. ANAG's products are mainly in the areas of labor, wages, insurance, economics, taxes, accounting, human resources, labor and business law. The problem we

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