Create ads for products in Magento with just one click

Create ads for products in Magento with just one click

How are product campaigns created through Magento?

There are many ways to promote your products. However, if you want to place your campaigns on Google search, you’ll need an updated XML feed for your products. The feed will help you generate extensions that you can find on the Magento Marketplace or our BlueWinston extension.

If you choose the BlueWinston extension, your secret key will be needed after installation. You can find it in the BlueWinston tool in the tab “Edit Account” – “Their Google Ads number” – “Secret key”. Detailed installation information can be found in this manual.

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What can the BlueWinston extension do for Magento?

  • creation of product feed in XML format – use for search engines Google, Bing
  • updating the product XML feed
  • linking the BlueWinston tool with Google Ads and then creating fully automated ads

Bring your products from the eCommerce CMS platform Magneto even closer to your potential customers, increase their marketability, and save time dedicated to creation of product text ads. With BlueWinston, you can create Google ads for these products with just one click, saving not only time but also money.

BlueWinston is a unique 3in1 tool – it helps you to create an XML product feed, fully automated Shopping ads and product text ads, as well as dynamic remarketing.


What does BlueWinston offer?

  • Magento ads in minutes

With our fully automated app BlueWinston, you can create ads for all or selected products in minutes. The tool will help you cover both Shopping ads and product-text ads that would be manually impossible or extremely time-consuming to create.

  • XML feed from Magneto with just one click

Create an XML feed from Magneto products with just one click. You need this feed to create ads in Google Ads. The XML product feed URL will be generated automatically and immediately after you install our extension in Magento.

  • Filter products as needed

Use the ability to filter your products according to any attribute from the XML feed you want – category, margin, price…

3 in 1 Magento product ads

Why should you use BlueWinston?

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Cover all ad types
If your product cannot be covered by one campaign type, there are four more options to try. BlueWinston helps you cover all campaign types to increase reach and maximize sales thanks to ads on the Google Network. Create fully automated Shopping campaigns or product text ads for Google for hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of products in a while.

Types of product-text campaigns you can create with BlueWinston:

We have an excellent position in the market

After five years on the market and tens of thousands of successful advertising campaigns, we are the market leader in Central Europe in the field of automation of product campaigns. We are also one of the largest Google Channel Partners in CEE, with support from Google Ads experts. BlueWinston is used by agencies, PPC specialists, and retailers all around the world.

We are always ready to help you

As a Google Premier Partner, we have specialists in Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Bing / Microsoft Ads and PriceCheck, who are ready to help you on a daily basis.

How to install BlueWinston’s Magento extension