Dynamic Search Ads for Products

Dynamic Search Ads for Products (DSA for Products)

We are introducing you Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) for Products. This is a unique campaign type that allows you to target low volume products on Google Search.

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) for Products on Google Search

Key Benefits of Dynamic Search Ads for Products on Google

Until now, you had to create product text ads manually, in a lengthy and complicated process. Thanks to Blue Winston you can now connect your XML feed, from which you can target any products from your e-shop in just a few minutes.

✓ Very low advertising costs

✓ Create Dynamic Search Ads in 5 minutes

✓ Always up-to-date product information

Highly targeted ads for products with low search volume

Unique cooperation of Product Text Ads and Dynamic Search Ads for Products

As you can see in the picture below, Blue Winston communicates within all campaigns you create using this tool! In the original “parent” product campaign, there are only 87 eligible products to advertise because the rest do not have one eligible keyword. The DSA campaign automatically detects the current status of your product keywords, and if a product is not advertisable through a product text campaign, it automatically creates a Dynamic Search Ad for it, ensuring its visibility and advertising on Google.

How linking DSA campaign with Product text ads campaign actually works

Dynamic Search Ads for Products via Blue Winston

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Why use Blue Winston to create Dynamic Search Ads for Products?

Blue Winston monitors the performance of your product ads and their keywords. If it finds that a product cannot be advertised through keywords due to the low search volume in Google Search, that product will automatically be fully moved to Dynamic Search Ads for Products.

You do not need any CSV, Excels or modified XML Data Feeds or 3rd party tools!

Blue Winston is unique for it creates Dynamic Ads for each product individually. Unlike the very complicated and lengthy use of various Excels, CSV, or other Page feeds through the Google Ads interface, Blue Winston will do all this for you!

A dynamic ad for each single product

✓ You only advertise those products that have inappropriate keywords

✓ You use the power of your Google Index

Excellent when creating DSAs for categories of products

Unique product and ad template filters

You don’t have to worry about having to advertise all your products at all times. Thanks to advanced filters, you can say exactly what products you want to advertise, and you have the possibility to create countless text ad combinations for selected products within a single campaign.

Filter products in the DSA campaign

✓ Filter ad templates for selected products

Link to Product Text campaigns

Our other type, called Product Text Ads, is always connected and synced with Dynamic Search Ads. With this connection, Blue Winston allows you to advertise on products with low search volume that could not be advertised through common keywords method, while constantly monitoring your product campaign to see if the product has enough search volume per month to run ads using standard long-tail keywords method!

Advertise products with low search volume

✓ Constant synchronization with your product campaign

Are you ready to create Dynamic Search Ads for products in your e-shop? Learn how to create Dynamic Search Ads in our blog.

No need need to learn anything. Just reach out to us and we will create Dynamic Search Ads for Products for free!

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