Interview – How is the BlueWinston PPC tool used in group?

The brand have been using BlueWinston for a while now, so we asked their CEO Vainius Zalimas a few questions regarding the functions, usability and much more. Hi Vainius, could you tell us more about your company and the e-shops you manage? Hi

Interview – Jakub Hudák from Managino agency: What types of customers shop at AutoRicambi?

BlueWinston is a PPC automation tool that marketing agencies use to their advantage and thus they optimize not only default manual campaigns but also automated ones made in the tool itself. In this interview, we will talk about how the Managino agency defined types of customers for e-shop AutoRicambi and

Interview: PPC freelancer Lukáš Král on working from Thailand

We have been working with PPC freelancer Lukáš Král for a while now. He works from Thailand and manages PPC campaigns for Czech and Slovak clients. We asked him how satisfied is he with our PPC tool BlueWinston, how does he communicate with clients over long distances and what it's like to live

How is BlueWinston PPC tool used in Nordic agency Bluebird Media?

We cooperate with agency Bluebird Media and we asked Senior Digital Strategist David Drake af Hagelsrum how the PPC tool is used in the agency. Hi David, can you explain to us more about your agency Bluebird Media? We are a performance agency focusing on traffic acquisition, analytics, data science and creative services. We are

What is key for a crowdfunding company? Human connection

We have prepared for you an interview with CEO Chukwuemeka Ndukwe, who works in a crowdfunding company - Cofundie, which is growing really fast in Africa. He told us how their company changed communication during the current situation with COVID 19 and also that it is the human connection that helps increase conversions.