• Human Search Based Campaigns on Google Search

Site Search Based Campaigns on Google Search

Advertise only what people are looking for and buying in your e-shop

In this article, you will read about another of the world’s unique product-targeted campaigns in Google Search that you can only create through www.BlueWinston.com.

We are talking about a campaign that automatically generates ads and keywords from search queries in your e-shop that have resulted in conversions and real purchases over the past 90 days, also known as the “Human Search-Based campaign”. So, this is a human search based advertisement through which we only advertise products that people are actually looking for and also purchase in your e-shop.

How it works?

People are more and more using the search bar to search for a product or service they can buy online.

Thanks to collaboration with www.LuigisBox.com today, we are able to track and catch converting search phrases from your e-shop that real users have done.

It is tracked, which search terms bring conversions.

This way you can maximize ROI (returns) by replicating these phrases into keywords and ads.

We are expecting that the next “5th”, “6th”, and so forth potential customer will come and will search for exactly the same thing in Google Search and will then be directed through the ad to the exact place in your e-shop from which the last purchase was made.

So, the conclusion is:

The automation process is very simple, yet so perfect:

  1. In your e-shop, sneakers were looked for, for example “Nike SE Black”
  2. LuigisBox.com will record this search query
  3. The search results in a page with sneakers where the customer chose
  4. There were at least 3 or more of such customers who did the same and purchased each time in your e-shop
  5. The search phrase “Nike SE Black” goes to BlueWinston.com
  6. Creation of exact match keyword [Nike SE Black]
  7. Creation of ad text for this keyword in Google Ads
  8. Launch of Google Search advertising
  9. Potential customer nr. 4 comes to Google.com
  10. Searches “Nike SE Black”
  11. We show him an ad from your e-shop created by BlueWinston.com
  12. After clicking, the customer is redirected to the same search result in your e-shop, which has previously converted at least 3 times per last 90 days
  13. The customer chooses and inserts the selected product into the cart
  14. Realization of the purchase itself
  15. +1 conversion / +1 realized purchase
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