Product Text Search Ads in Google from XML data feed

Google Product Search Ads from XML data feed

We are introducing you Product Text Ads on Google Search, an ad type that allows you fully automated creation of ads and keywords for every single product in your online store.

Product Text Ads on Google Search from XML data feed

Key Benefits of Product Search Ads campaigns

Until now, you had to create product text ads manually, in a lengthy and complicated process. Thanks to Blue Winston you can now connect your XML data feed, from which you can target on any products from your e-shop in just a few minutes.

✓ Very low advertising costs

✓ Create text ads in 5 minutes

✓ Always up-to-date product informations

Highly targeted ads for products in the e-shop

Innovative technology for keywords creation with no need to edit XML product data feed

If you’ve already had the opportunity to meet tools similar to Blue Winston, you perhaps remember to work with different regexes (regular expressions). You needed additional tools to edit your product data feed, product names, different tags, and only after this complicated process you could finally get the right keywords for your product text ads, which in the end still had the low search volume status. Blue Winston introduces an innovative shortening method that gives you with just one click suggestions for long-tail keywords without the lengthy and complicated process with regular expressions or need to use additional paid tools.

Shortening / truncating product names as an innovative method for keywords creation

Product Text Search Ads on Google via Blue Winston

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Why use Blue Winston to create Product Text Ads for Google Search?

Blue Winston constantly updates the product information in the text ads (campaigns). It automatically pauses ads for products that are already sold out, while automatically creating additional ads for those products that are new in your e-shop.

Automatic product long-tail keywords and product text ads creation for Google Search

KeyWords for thousands of products

Blue Winston allow you to create long-tail keywords for thousands or ten thousand products with just one click. You do not need any knowledge or knowledge of regular expressions or the need to use other tools to modify the data feed.

Extremely simple keywords creation

✓ No need for additional tools

✓ Up to 30% more keywords without Low Search Volume

We’ve prepared a comparison of available automated tools for creating product text ads. Learn about the uniqueness and key benefits of Blue Winston.

(Per-Partes) Gradual release of keywords

To achieve maximum performance of product campaigns, there is Per-Partes feature. With Blue Winston, keywords for each product are gradually released in advertising and their current status and performance is checked.

Much lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

 Focus on long-tail keywords

Per-Partes method for gradual release of product long-tail keywords to get much lower cost-per-acquistion
Synchronizatio of product information every six hours

Synchronization every 6 hours

With us, the product information in your ads is always up-to-date thanks to synchronization with your e-shop every 6 hours.

Always up-to-date information

 Non-stock products shut down immediately

An innovative template for creating text ads

Blue Winston also brings innovative features to the processes of creation of the text ads. Blue Winston template works with all tags from XML feed and thanks to drag & drop you can build amazing and converting ads in seconds. Prolonging headline 1 to 2 is a feature thanks to which you will never have a problem with your entire product name not fitting into your ad again.

Display full product name

✓ Continuous update on the number of products that will have suitable ad

An innovative ad template builder for product text ads in Google Search
Product filter to define products within product text ads campaign on Google Search

Filter products and advertising templates

You don’t have to worry about having to advertise all your products at all times. Thanks to advanced filters, you can say exactly what products you want to advertise, and you have the possibility to create countless text ad combinations for selected products within a single campaign.

Filter products in the campaign

✓ Filter ad templates for selected products

Automated troubleshooting of restricted words in your Google Ads account

We think about your comfort and therefore offer you a fully automated solution based on communication with your Google Ads account. With the “Alternative BadWords” feature, you can request an exception or directly define an alternate word or phrase for your ad.

No more restricted product text ads

✓ Automated requests for exceptions

Automated troubleshooting of restricted disallowed words in Google Ads account
Google scripts and automated rules for Google Ads campaigns keywords optimization

Google scripts and automated rules for optimization

Blue Winston allows you to use predefined scripts and rules to automate the optimization of your campaigns and keywords. Just launch them and leave the rest to the tool. You will not be longer advertising products that do not get you money.

Increase the efficiency of your campaigns

✓ Use automated scripts for optimization

Link to DSA campaigns for Products

Our other type of campaigns called Dynamic Search Ads for Products (DSA for Products) is always in the process of linking and synchronizing with so-called “parent” product campaign. Thanks to this link, Blue Winston also allows you to advertise for products with a low search volume status that would not be possible to advertise using common keywords method.

Advertise on products with low search volume

✓ Continuous synchronization with “mother” product campaign

Dynamic search ads for Products in Google Search
Text ads for Group of Products in Google Search

Link to Product-Group campaigns

Our other type of ads, Product-Group Text Ads (Text ads for Group of Products), is constantly searching for new and new group terms to reach up to 50 % more potential customers. By linking Product Text Ads with Product-Group Ads, these information and data will always be up-to-date and, moreover, at the same time these two types of campaigns do not harm and cannibalize each other.

Reach up to 50% more customers

✓ Higher conversion rate from ads

ECHIS (External Changes Integration System)

There is more to the uniqueness of Blue Winston. Unlike other automated tools for creation of product text ads, Blue Winston allows you to make any changes directly through the Google Ads interface, or by using third-party tools during the advertising and the optimization of campaigns created by Blue Winston.

You can use tools for optimization

✓ You can use tools for bidding

✓ You can manually pause ads, keywords, or entire campaigns

✓ You can manually create new ads, ad-groups, or keywords

✓ You can do anything with the campaigns that Blue Winston has created

Learn more about why you should use Blue Winston and how it is different from competing tools in the global market.

Ready to create text ads for products in your e-shop? Learn how to create product text ads in our blog.

Combine Google Shopping Ads with Product Text Ads to increase your conversion rate by 90%

Our study in cooperation with Google has shown that clients who advertise their products using both ad formats at the same time have up to 90 % higher conversion rates than those who use only one of the formats in Google Search. Learn more about why to combine Product Text Ads and Google Shopping Ads and check out our case studies.

Combine Product Text Ads and Google Shopping Ads to increase up to 90% more conversion rate and click-through-rate for your product campaigns in Google Search

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