Dynamic Product Ads (DSA)

Dynamic Product Ads (DSA) on Microsoft

An effective way to target products that don’t have suitable keywords or have a low search volume.
Simply supplement your ads with products that have been difficult to advertise until now.

Dynamic Product Ads

Advantages of DSA campaigns
in Microsoft Ads:

Dynamic search ads use the content of your e-shop for ad targeting and can help fill gaps in keyword-based campaigns. If you have created a Product Text campaign in BlueWinston and you do not have keywords for all products, you can easily supplement them with DSA.

What can you expect from DSA campaigns in Microsoft Ads?

Lower advertising costs than P.Max campaigns
Quick creation of DSA campaigns by copying settings
Unique cooperation of Product Text and DSA campaigns
Highly targeted ads for products in the e-shop

Get ahead of the competition by creating hybrid DSA campaigns.
It’s the right time to boost your ads and expand to a new platform!

Dynamic Product Ads campaigns

Why use DSA Campaigns
in Microsoft Ads?

Dynamic campaigns are always a great choice, especially if you have a large number of products. There are also problems related to this type of campaign, e.g. irrelevant search terms, lengthy optimization, etc.

How can BlueWinston help you with this?

✓ Advertise only products that you don’t have in the Product Text ads
Campaign directly linked to the Product Text campaign
Automatic pausing of irrelevant search terms
Fast optimization with the help of BlueWinston scripts

What are the benefits of creating DSA campaigns for Microsoft Ads?

  • Dynamic advertising for each product → artificial intelligence selects relevant content and creates ads

  • Selection of products in the campaign → advertise only those products that do not have relevant keywords

  • Up-to-date ads → all campaigns and ads are updated every 6 hours

  • Simple optimization → Use our simple reports for easier optimization

How to create product campaigns for Microsoft Ads in BlueWinston
What campaign structure do we recommend for Microsoft Ads?
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