Campaign replication in BlueWinston – Google to Microsoft Ads

Bing search is growing each year and advertising on it is steadily becoming available in the whole EU. With this said, the time has come for us to implement Microsoft Ads in BlueWinston. Now, you can not only show your ads on Bing search but also on Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. This guide will

How to connect a Microsoft Ads account to BlueWinston

To create a BlueWinston account, you must register your Google Ads account first. Once you have a registered Google Ads account in BlueWinston, you can then add another advertisement channel. At the top right, you can find the icon +Add new channel. Click on it, and then click on Microsoft Advertising.

Guide: How to advertise books with BlueWinston? (2nd part)

In the first part of the BlueWinston Book Advertising Guides, we showed you how can you simplify the creation of keywords and ads for individual books in BlueWinston. This can save you a lot of time when creating and managing campaigns. In this second part, we'll talk about how can BlueWinston automate text

Create a Google Ads account – Get started with Google Ads

Google AdWords, now Google Ads, is a system for online advertising of products and services on Google. For such advertising, you need your online account and website to link. Sign up and creating an account with this system is free and easy, taking only couple of minutes. We have written for you a clear

How to connect Google Shopping and Shopify

If your goal is to spice up your business by adding a very useful and effective plugin to your business strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Anyone, anywhere, can start a business is the motto of a very popular online platform called Shopify that allows store owners to build their brand both online and

7 Google Ad Extensions that can improve your business

Google is undoubtedly the best search engine in the world right now. With its 92.62% market share of June 2019, it handles more than 5.4 billion searches a day. People use Google daily - not only to read the news or browse social media, but to shop, promote and sell their products.

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