Product-Group Text Ads on Google

Google Product-Group Search Ads (Ads for Group of Products)

We are introducing you world’s unique Product-Group Text Ads on Google Search that allow you to automatically create group ads and keywords for groups of products in your e-shop.

Product-Group Text Ads on Google Search

Key Benefits of Product-Group Text Ads on Google Search

Globally unique product-group text ads are a great opportunity to reach far more customers, increase transactions, and especially promote products that would normally have low search volume in common product text ads.

✓ Up to 50% higher customer reach

✓ Solution for low search volume

✓ People mostly know product-group names

Higher %CTR (click-through-rate) and conversion rate

Comparison of Product Text Ads vs. Text Ads for Group of Products

Thanks to the unique shortening method, Blue Winston is automatically searching for the so-called product groups in your e-shop. In the image below, you can see the difference between a Google Product Text Ad and a unique Product-Group Text Ad created by Blue Winston. The tool will not only find product groups for you that you wouldn’t even know yet, but it will also create URLs to search results in your e-shop where people can choose the product from the group that suits them best based on the price, color or design. This way you will reach several times more customers and get many new transactions. All this with Product-Group Text Ads for Google Search.

Comparison of Product Text Ads vs. Product-Group Text Ads in Google Search

Product-Group Text Ads via Blue Winston

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Why use Blue Winston to create Text Ads for Group of Products for Google Search?

It is not only that Blue Winston constantly updates product information with text ads, but also communicates constantly with all types of campaigns. It searches for product groups in your e-shop and creates beautiful group ads for them to reach a wider audience.

Automated product names cleaning for creating suitable group keywords

Automatic product name parsing and purging

By clearing unnecessary parts of your product names, Blue Winston gives you new ways to advertise your products. Create product groups and beautiful ads for them on Google Search.

Fully automated product-group creation

✓ Communication with the product campaign

✓ Reach up to 50% more customers

Auto-generated destination URLs

Blue Winston automatically creates not only product group ads, but also destination URLs that lead to search results in your e-shop. As a result, the client always comes to a page where he or she finds a “response” – the products he or she searched for on Google Search.

Auto-generated destination URLs

✓ The customer always finds what he or she was looking for

Auto-generated destination URLs for group of products on Google Search
Product Text Ads on Google Search from XML data feed

Link to Product Text Ads campaigns

Our other type of ads, Product Text Ads, is constantly communicating with Product-Group Text Ads. They compare the current status, and if one of the product groups no longer exists, it will be disabled from advertising and goes into product advertising and vice versa.

Reach up to 50% more customers

✓ Secured efficient product advertising

And that’s not all. Learn more about the features that Blue Winston uses to automate the creation of Product Ads on Google Search!

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We’ve prepared a comparison of the available automated tools for creating Product Ads. Learn why Blue Winston is so unique and what its main benefit is.

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