Benefits of Long-Tail keywords in Pay Per Click (PPC)

There are many rumors about if long-tail keywords are better than short-tail keywords or not! Whole app is working only with Long-tail keywords. Why? You can find out in this article.

Theory about long-tail keywords goes like:

  • Long-tail keywords have significant search volume (quite high impressions)
  • Long-tail keywords have less competition then short-tail (brand) keywords¬† (higher click-through rate (CTR), lower cost per click (CPC))
  • Long-tail keywords are more specific and customers are highly targeted and more willing to buy (higher CTR, higher Quality Score, less inappropriate search terms)
  • Customers who are using long-tail keywords are often further along in the buying cycle and again more willing to buy (higher conversion rate)
  • These significant facts lead to very profitable advertising (lower cost per acquisition (CPA))

Over the course of this article, you’ll see exactly how search volume, CTR, CPCs, average position, conversion rate, and CPA differs for searches containing different numbers of words, and how long-tail keywords can benefit your business immensely. Provide a great opportunity to connect with customers which is generally not being taken by the majority of advertisers.


prosLong-tail keywords Pros

Searches of 5 or more words account for almost 25% of all impressions. Pay Per Click campaign in Google search with hundreds of long-tail keywords can be a very good source of additional traffic with specific customers who are willing to buy your products or services. Therefore we highly focus on creating unique product long-tail keywords via the BlueWinston app.

Long-tail keywords Cons

Long-tail phrases have often a problem with low search volume. Long-tails are significant to product advertising so it is one big science to create really good and eligible long-tails.

BlueWinston is working on many features how to get eligible long-tail keywords. Till today we developed three world’s unique solutions how to get much more eligible product keywords than any other competitive app in the world!

Cost per Click (CPC)


As I said above. Long-tails have less competition so the prices per click are lower than any other short-tail keywords (organic keywords). Fewer people bidding on them because it is really complicated to find them manually at first and then create & optimize them.


While these keywords can generate you 50% or more traffic, many of them will be one-time traffic for you because of highly targeted customers who are looking for the specific product so they know the exact name or at least it’s part. We called it a product-group name.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)


While searches of 1, 2 and 3 words have a relatively low CTR, CTR appears to increase significantly for searches of at least 4 words. CTR, it seems, is considerably stronger for long-tail keywords.


Normally – You need to invest a lot of time to find really good long-tail ideas from your search queries and continue to build a really significant long-tail keywords list.

BlueWinston is working for you and saves your time! Thanks to our app, you will be able to find best keywords within minutes and fully automatically.

Average Position


As word length increases, ads are shown significantly higher. They will be in the top positions for cheaper prices than organic short-tail keywords. Less CPC for higher Position is the fact of what is really important!


Conversion Rate


We know now that long-tail keywords have significant search volume, strong CTR and they are often cheaper than any other organic short-tail keywords. But clicks are not enough. We are talking about product long-tail keywords so stores need to have conversions, where the customers pay for products (shopping carts). According to statistics from, there are almost up to 10% average conversion rate which is great!


There is also one very important fact – product long-tail keywords have the highest conversion rate but also very less of this kind of searches. Which results in occasional conversions. It means that this kind of advertisement is working as an additional marketing channel and it has to be done on almost the whole product segment within the store, cause nobody knows which keywords will make conversions for you!

Cost per Acquisition (CPA)


There is a clear trend between word count and CPA. Conversions from long-tail product keywords are much cheaper than conversion from generic short-tail searches.

And that’s the fact what you have to have on your mind every day and fact, why you should try to use, are app for creating, optimizing and retargeting your product text ads in Google search.

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