CPV /Cost Per View or PPV /Pay Per View

CPV is actually a pricing model used in brand awareness campaigns, where advertisers actually pay for each mobile ad impression. It is used for video ads and can be loaded if you do not know from which second the view is counted.

How do CPV ad campaigns work?

As for the traditional operation of CPV campaigns, they were actually reserved for advertisers focused mainly on brand awareness, as we already mentioned. But advertisers are increasingly buying ads based on Cost Per View. Why?

Purchasing on the basis of CPV equalizes the conditions for both types of advertisers:

  • Typical CPI (Cost per install) campaigns can sometimes be placed lower because the impact of the conversion reduces the final CMP they generate. This actually means that advertisers are losing in-app inventory and are unable to scale their campaigns.

By purchasing the same pricing model as the brand, advertisers can ensure that their bids remain competitive.

What is the CPV formula?

CPV = cost of advertising / video viewing

pay per view

What are the other types of pricing models?

  • CPCV / cost per completed view
  • CPE / cost per engagement
  • CPC / cost per click advertising
  • CPM / cost per mille
  • CPA / cost per action
  • CPL / cost per lead, or PPL- pay per lead
  • CPI / cost per install
    And others…

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