Maximize conversions

Maximize conversions through intelligent bidding strategies, whether automated strategies that can be managed by keyword-level bid regulation. This particular agency results in you choosing a target cost per conversion, a target ROAS (short PNO payment), and a budget for each party that sends the maximum number of conversions.

With this strategy, a large amount of money can be ruled out.

maximizing conversions

When is good use this strategy?

We recommend using this strategy if you have at least 15 conversions / month for your campaigns to work properly. As mentioned, it’s also ideal for campaigns with limited budgets and no specified CPA.

The goal of this strategy is to deliver maximum conversions regardless of value, so be careful to track multiple conversions with large value differences.

What is good to fulfill to let the Conversion Maximizer strategy work well?

  • Google Ads Account Conversion Tracking Set Up
  • The campaign’s own budget without sharing the budget with other campaigns
  • Focus on achieving a daily budget
  • With a poorly running campaign, your results may get worse after switching to Conversion Maximizer

How does data work in Smart Bidding strategies?

The bottom line is that with more data, the algorithms in these automated strategies will work better for you, so if you get fewer conversions per month than 50, it’s too little for Smart Bidding strategies to be able to perform well.

All Bidding data is processed by a neural network, which can be compared to the structure of neurons in the brain.

  • The neuron contains data
  • This neuron sends them based on the content (shape) and forwards them to other neurons
  • Others will see a different part of the content (color)
  • The cycle will not end until the data reaches the output neurons – which it has declared to be a specific category

The process of a neural network, which evaluates a certain result based on the number of signals, is really specific and effective.

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