Expand your Smart Shopping campaigns to other countries

Until now, you could only promote your products at home and abroad at the same time using standard Shopping campaigns. Since November, this possibility has also expanded to Smart Shopping campaigns.

What does this mean in practice? You’ll be able to advertise your products in multiple countries that share the same language and you have a Google Merchant Center (GMC) shipping set for those countries.

Example of creating Smart Shopping campaigns in other countries

Create Smart Shopping campaign in English for your English e-shop. Before November, ads will only be displayed in England. Since November, ads from your Smart Campaign will also appear in Ireland, Scotland, and America. It just has to be an English speaking country and in your GMC settings, the shipping to that country has to be available.

Set up Shopping campaigns by yourself

Location targeting of Smart Shopping is set by default to all languages and countries. But you can easily customize it to your preferences:

  • Not displaying products in the new countries: edit the list of target countries in the “Locations” section of the “Targeting” settings of your Smart Shopping campaigns
  • Displaying products in new countries: ensure yourself that you have set the countries you are shipping to in your GMC settings

About the Author:

Simona Pavelkova
Account Manager and aspiring PPC specialist at BlueWinston. I like to learn about newest information about ecommerce business and Google Ads.