• Expanded Text Ads with 3 headlines and 2 descriptions

Google expands text ads with longer headlines and descriptions

Extra characters for text ads? Yes!
What would you say to one more headline…? Plus one more description!

The Google Ads expands the number of characters for responsive text ads in Search Network. During this autumn, the new format of text ads will be maintained and standard text ads will become longer.

What is the change?

Can you imagine that text ads could be displayed with three headlines, two descriptions and up to 90 characters? Just after the end of this month, advertisers can add the third headline, the second description and up to 90 characters to their text ads. The character limit before was 80 characters.

Ad ComponentPrevious

Expanded Text Ads

New Improved

Expanded Text Ads

Headlines Shown2Up to 3
Headline Length30 Characters30 Characters
Descriptions Shown1Up to 2
Description Length80 Characters90 Characters
Total Max Length170300

Will my old text ads going away?

Definitely No! Ads running yesterday will not go away at all. Google has no plans to stop them or even the older Standard text ads. Of course the older formats will become relics and with lower CTR.

Will my new ETAs always show 3 headlines & 2 descriptions?

No! On lower resolutions, smaller screens, if there is not enough space for 300 characters, hyour ad may show without 3rd headline and 2nd description, just like todays older version of ETAs.

In July, the Google company announced via Google Marketing Live that in the next months, the new ad format will be expanding globally. The company has started a test of responsive text ads this spring and in September, the Google will release its responsive text ads in Search Network for a larger number of accounts in English, French, German and Spanish.

History of Expanded Text Ads

The current standard text ads, formerly ETAs – Expanded Text Ads, have fully evolved in July 2016. These ads came with two headlines with 30 characters and an expansion of ad description. For more than a year, Google encourages advertisers to add three to five ads to their ad groups.

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