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How to deal with Bad words in BlueWinston

We often see advertisers having problems with Bad Words in Google Ads since they don’t provide a direct tool or feature that automatically identifies “Bad Words” in their ads. This way they have to do it manually and if an e-shop has for example 5000 products, this process can last for weeks or even months.

If Bad Words are not fixed they can wreak havoc on your ads, and at the same time stop your products from showing in Google search results. This of course has a direct impact on your ROAS and other goals that you have for the Google Ads campaigns, and can lead to bad performance and eventual stop of the whole advertisement on this platform.

Due to these difficulties and the impossibility of solving it directly in the Google Ads account, we have developed a unique feature for the automatic approval of Bad Words.

How does it work?

After the first campaign update, Google will send back information If the keyword/text is a Bad word. After that BlueWinston will automatically mark Bad words in Reports & BadWords → Bad words.

Subsequently, you can request Google for approval of Bad words through our interface. Select all Bad words and request for exemption. Green exemption labels will appear. After your request, Google will check them and decide if they approve the exemption or not.

You can also insert your defined Bad words manually. If you know any Bad words or you already found them in your Google ads account:

Alternatives Bad words in BlueWinston

You can also insert alternatives to Bad words found in keywords. We recommend using Acceptable words as alternatives.

All alternatives will be uploaded to the Google Ads account and you just wait for approval.

During the update of BlueWinston campaigns to the Google Ads, all Alternative words will be either accepted or not. If the alternative words consist of Bad words BlueWinston will make an automatic request for their exemption. If these requests are not accepted, the alternative is also marked as a Bad word, and is not possible to add any new alternatives.


As you can see, dealing with Bad Words doesn’t have to last weeks or months. BlueWinston can take care of those for you in mere minutes and you can freely advertise any products on Google Ads.

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