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What is Google Shopping Actions and How to Use them

You have definitely stumbled across Amazon Prime in your customer/retailer years. It’s easy to navigate through, relatively easy to set up your account and sell your items. Most importantly, there is no need to open billions of tabs while trying to make a purchase of various items from different shops. easier for people to compare different offers.

But did you know that Google offers the same service? Yes! Google Shopping Actions now called Buy on Google works exactly like Amazon Prime. Customers are enabled to use what Google refers to as a universal shopping cart. Everything that customers put into their Shopping Cart via Google Express can be checked out in one tap. Moreover, products, returns and customer support are backed up by Google.

This article will aid you with all the information you need to know about Google Shopping Actions. What are the features? Where is it available? What are the requirements? We are going to look at each question carefully; just keep on reading.

What’s the difference between Google Shopping Actions and Google Shopping

It’s important to know that Google Shopping Actions is not Google Shopping. Yes, it’s a platform with Marketplace where people can find products. And yes, Google promotes the products on the platform. However, Google Shopping Actions is completely different.

The shareable list with instant checkout makes it easier for the customer to convert. Also, customers don’t have to get their cards out of the wallet because Google saves the payment credential for an even faster checkout. Shopping Actions distribute their advertisement and accessibility across desktops, mobile devices and even a voice assistant.

But maybe the biggest difference between Google Shopping and Google Shopping Actions is payment. Whilst on Google Shopping you pay for each action depending on your bidding strategy, Google Shopping Actions is based on commission invoice.

This commission invoice is sent to you by the end of each month by Google. Unlike Google Shopping, Google Shopping Actions operate on a Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) model which means that if you don’t sell anything, you don’t owe anything to Google.

To see the difference better, look at the following table.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping Actions

Bidding Strategies (CPC, ROAS, etc.) Cost Per Sale (CPS)
Buy each product individually Shareable list/Universal Shopping Cart
Manual payment Saved payment credentials
Scroll through a list of products Customizable Marketplace
Backed up by owner/business (Customer Service, Returns, Refunds) Backed up by Google (Customer Service, Returns, Refunds)

In short; Google acts like your agent. You just have to sit back and make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Where is Google Shopping Actions available

Google Shopping Actions has been around since 2018, however it’s only available if your business resides and distributes in the US or France.

What requirements do you have to meet to use Google Shopping Actions

Both countries have different criterias when it comes to Google Shopping Actions, therefore make sure to read through the criterias and check all the boxes.


To participate in Shopping Actions US, you must:

  • Be a legally registered business in the US.
    That means; Availability (to deliver orders and handle returns within the mainland US) and payments in the US (have all the necessary paperwork and process payments/refunds)

  • Inventory without any restricted products and services.
    For example, Gift cards, Products with age or ID verification requirements, Used or Refurbished products, Custom or personalized products. The full list could be found in Unsupported Shopping Actions content.

  • Payment service provider. You must have your Merchant Account connected with your payment service provider.

  • A valid government-issued ID.

  • Returns and customer support policies. You should have a 30 days window for returns after delivery for most items, and process the refund within 2 days.

  • Compliance with all Shopping Actions policies.

  • Compliance with all other Shopping Ads policies.


For using Shopping Actions in France you must meet the following criteria;

  • Availability and payments in France.

    • Deliver to mainland France
    • Fulfill from the EU
    • Track your carrier and handle returns
    • Furthermore, you must accept and pay out from a French bank account.


  • Return standards. 14 days window to accept returns after delivery, and process the refund within 2 days. The return address must be within France.

  • Data quality criteria. Product data must pass Shopping Actions France’s data quality tests.

  • Delivery

    • Ship within 4 days after receiving an order. 
    • Don’t charge restocking fees. 
    • No more than 30kg shipping weight. 
    • The package dimensions (height + length + width) must not be bigger than 2m.
    • No special shipping services – freight or scheduled delivery – whilst selling via Google Shopping Actions
  • Compliance with Shopping Actions policies.

  • Compliance with all other Shopping Ads policies.

What are the benefits of using Google Shopping Actions

Throughout this article we’ve touched on some great benefits of this platform but that’s not all of them!

  • Voice Shopping. Google Nest (Mini) or Google Assistant. People use their voice to shop more and more these days. After all, it’s easier to say ‘Ok, Google’ than browse through a sea of different products.
  • Data. Google actually gathers data about your customers enabling you to build up an email list. You can communicate and distribute your offers to your customers via email.
  • Pay Per Sale. As mentioned before, this is a commission-based platform. You only pay Google for products you’ve sold or pay nothing if you didn’t have any conversions through the platform.
  • Recommendations. Customers who have already purchased a product from your eshop will automatically get recommendations for similar products from your store. The only thing standing between them and the product is a click to purchase.
  • Google Network. You can access more platforms across Google Network. Specifically, we are talking about Google Shopping, Google Assistant, Google.com and Google Shopping Actions.
  • Retailers using Shopping Actions observe a 35% increase in average order value.

To conclude..

Google Shopping Actions might not be available everywhere, however if you have the chance you should definitely give it a go. Just like Amazon, Google Actions offer a great customer experience with a ray of benefits for the retailers as well.

With the advantages of Cost Per Sale, Voice Shopping and being able to reach the platforms across Google Network with ease it is hard to say no to Google Shopping Actions.

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