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wr24.pl | BlueWinston generated close to 500,000 € in turnover


WIDEOREJESTRATORY24.PL is a specialized online store that commercially launched in May 2014 on the Allegro service and since August 2014, it has been conducting sales under its own brand and domain www.wideorejestratory24.pl (short: wr24.pl).

The mission that the store has consistently pursued since the beginning of its operations, the store’s mission is to build and manage a comprehensive reference point for everyone interested in purchasing and using car cameras. The company focuses on practical learning and testing of the equipment it offers, and shares the results of these tests with its customers in the form of reviews, presentations, or detailed product descriptions on its blog, YouTube channel, and social media.

Product campaigns in BlueWInston were created and managed by on of the best SEM/SEO Polish agency – DEVA Group.


Problem we tried to solve

The store needed product feed-based supporting campaigns rich in details about the products sold. The ability for quickly create such campaigns was also very important.
In addition to the types of campaigns offered by Google Ads, such an additional form of sales seemed very effective.

How BlueWinston helped

Through BlueWinston, wr24.pl launched:

  • Product text ads – in this campaign type, BlueWinston created keywords and relevant for each product. In each advertisement, the price of the product is automatically updated according to the e-shop. The user gets directly to the given product in the eshop from the Google search.

  • Product-group text ads – BlueWinston created keywords suitable for several products and the user gets to the product group in the e-shop. In this way, the wr24.pl can also cover those searches where the user does not know the exact name of the product.
  • DSA for products – “DSA” refers to Google’s Dynamic Search Ads, then it’s a type of campaign that automatically generates ads based on the content of the website, which can be very useful for advertising products from a large inventory. wr24.pl launched product DSA campaigns only for top products.

campaign type

Keywords creation – here you can see example how keywords were created in Product campaign (truncating from the Product name)

keywords creation


Below are the results from using the BlueWinston tool from May 2019 to January 2024. (wr24.pl continues to use this solution)

Conversion value – 466.933,33 €
ROAS – 1487%


BlueWinston is a very effective tool for the rapid expansion of advertising activities based on the product feed. The various types of campaigns it offers, plus the time saved on their creation, is undoubtedly a great advantage.

Get your product advertising done with BlueWinston

Every single solution and feature is excellent, but all together bring you a powerful product advertising platform for achieving great results and huge time ㅤㅤ& cost savings!

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