You can also use Emojis in your ad’s display URL

The advertising world is undoubtedly dynamic and constantly changing when it comes to ways of engagement with users. And Google, as a platform for your advertising, is no exception. You can now include emojis in your display URL. Wondering how to do it? Read on.

We are always thinking about how to customize the ads for our products to make them as attractive to users as possible. New trends include the use of emojis in the display URL in Shopping ads. I mean, we can talk about is comeback, since emojis had been here in Search a few years ago, but Google banned them few months after.

There are different opinions about the use of emojis in the ad (whether in the title or in the display URL). Some say they will make your ad more credible and relatable for the users. relate It is generally assumed among marketers that emojis is also responsible for a higher CTR. But is it all so easy?

Both an advantage and a disadvantage

On the one hand, emojis in the display URL are undoubtedly an interesting visual enrichment for your Shopping ad. This visual form of communication is particularly popular among young people, of which up to 36% agree that emojis and animations better reflect their thoughts as words.

Thanks to emojis, your ad will stand out among others, attracting the user’s attention better than that of your competitor who hasn’t used visuals.

On smartphones, it is even possible to search by emojis instead of typing whole words. If you use them it will trigger your ad for a matching search query.

However, it should also be borne in mind that some people find it distracting or unreliable, so the use of emojis may discourage them from buying in your e-shop. It depends on the audience you are targeting. In this respect, we recommend that you do not overdo it and use only emojis that truly represent your business.

Although emojis have been here before in Search and Shopping ads, there is still no proven conclusion on whether it actually boosts your ad’s CTR or whether this click also leads to a conversion. Therefore, as with all other ad setting, we recommend that you test and customize based on your results! 🙂

Emoji in URL example

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