• 6 skills every PPC specialist should have

6 skills every PPC specialist should have

Internet became the most significant channel to advertise and create advertising campaigns. Their admins, PPC specialists, are still more and more wanted by various firms.

A degree in marketing is not enough. Before hiring someone, who will manage and optimize your ad campaigns, you should focus on the following skills and experience. Otherwise, you are risking not only inefficient advertisement, but also waste of money.

What characteristics does skilled PPC specialist comply with?

1. Masters communication.

Like any other good marketer, also PPC specialist has to be proficient in communication. In all spheres – high-level verbal and written communication, correct questioning, willingness to listen, to be curious.

The written communication is the most important. Written words are often lacking emotions and therefore it is necessary to treat them with care to avoid misunderstandings.

2. Knows how to tell a story.

The PPC specialist makes his work a story. He speaks of performance, of what he has done, infusing it with data. Simply put, he creates a story from reports.

It does not have to be personal, nor emotional, but non-interested people will be listening to the results easily and they will also be more likely to remember them.

3. Focuses on details.

The life of PPC specialist turns around details. Each setting requires absolute attention and precision. Geolocation, time and day, targeting, audience, keywords…

These and other details are the pillars for the campaign. It is not reliable seeing Christmas sales instead of “Back to school” campaigns in August.

4. Thinks analytically.

Data is everywhere. Based on them, the PPC specialist monitors and optimizes the campaigns. He has to work mathematically and analytically with them, to push the campaigns forward.

To make his work simpler, he should be advanced in Excel and XLS language. Statistical analysis is a huge advantage.

5. Has basic command of coding.

Since Excel can also have its limits, the basics of HTML and Javascript can be really useful for a PPC management, to automatize the processes where needed. A basic course in coding can be an advantage.

6. Ready to grow.

The environment is everchanging and so are the related skills and experience. PPC specialists always have to learn something new.

There are new campaign formats arising, the old ones are simplified, new placements appear… Or even the rules of how to advertise are changing.

Many of these skills are not being taught in schools. Therefore, when choosing a PPC specialist, it is necessary to pay attention to previous skills, to not harm your business.

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