• Ad pattern filters for Product text ads on Google Search

Ad pattern / Ad template filters for Product Text ads

What are Ad patterns?

BlueWinston also brings innovative technologies in the process of creating text ads. The ad pattern works with all the tags from the XML feed, and thanks to drag & drop, you can put together amazing and converting ads in a few seconds.

The use of tags will ensure that your ads always have current prices and product names. Prolonging headline 1 to 2 is a unique feature, thanks to which you will never have a problem that the full product name will not fit in your ad.

How can they be filtered?

In text ads, you can filter any ad template and choose which products to promote with it. Each ad template is turned on by default and applied to all products. However, you can set the following rules or filters:

  1. Always enabled – the text ad pattern will always be active, so it will be enabled and created immediately for all products in the campaign.
  2. Always paused – the text ad pattern will be paused, if you’d like to pause some ad templates now or in the future
  3. Enabled for specific tag values – the text ad pattern will only be allowed for products that meet certain conditions (e.g. only products in the selected category).
  4. Enabled for numeric tag values – and patterns will be applied to products that meet numeric conditions (e.g. when you want to sort items by their prices).
  5. Enabled if tag NOT filled – ad patterns will be applied to products that do not have a specific tag filled in.
  6. Do not create – this very unique setting. If this option is selected, the ad pattern will not be created in the Google Ads campaign. If it was created in the past, its subject text ads will be deleted. This is useful for creating a text ad pattern before you want to use it (e.g. for seasonal activities).

How to create ad patterns in BlueWinston?

When you create a text campaign using BlueWinston, the Ads creation tab has the option to create multiple ad patterns. These innovative patterns contain 3 headings, including the unique Prolonging headline 1 to 2 feature. You can also win with text in two ad descriptions.

Use of emoticons in advertising templates

As part of creating patterns, you also have the option of using emoticons in the product URL. Emoticons make your ads look different from your competitor’s ads. It’s a small thing, but it can also be a factor in making a potential customer’s decision when clicking on an ad.


If necessary, you can also modify the ad patterns. When you click on Options, you will see the following options:

  • hide manufacturer from product name
  • hide / replace BadWords from any tag values
  • cut headings 1, 2 and descriptions if their text length is longer than allowed length.

  • capitalize first letter in Headline 1
  • remove capitalization for product name or any other tag
  • remove unwanted terms from ad text or tags

Get your product advertising done with BlueWinston

Every single solution and feature is excellent, but all together bring you a powerful product advertising platform for achieving great results and huge time & cost savings!

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