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Ad pattern change from ETA to RSA – How to change them in BlueWinston

We would like to inform you that we have prepared a button to automatically change ETA templates to RSA templates directly in the BlueWinston interface. This feature applies only to Product Text Campaigns and Product-Group Text Campaigns.

Why did we do this step? Well, starting from July 1, ETA templates won’t be updated anymore and you won’t be able to edit them. This way we would like to create a smooth transition to RSA patterns so that your ads can show updated prices, discounts, products in stock etc.

ETA stands for Enhanced Text Ads and RSA stands for Responsive Search Ads. Google has been announcing since last year that ETA ads will end in the summer of 2022. This way, we managed to create one button that can save you large amounts of time if you have a lot of patterns and you won’t have to create new RSA ad patterns manually.

Next time you log into the BlueWinston, you can see the Migrate ETA ads to RSA button:

1. Click the Migrate ETA ads to RSA button:

2. Click the Show preview:

3. Click the Migrate ETA to RSA now

In the top right corner, you can see which ETA patterns will be changed to RSA patterns, and on the right side of those are the requirements for the new RSA patterns. This shows what you should check and fix so that they run at all.

In the bottom left corner, you can see which of your campaigns will have a smooth transition and don’t require any modifications.

4. This is a confirmation step! You successfully migrated the ETA ad patterns to RSA ones.

As a recapitulation, you can see the same red text which states what should be changed in new RSA patterns:

If no issues occur you will just see a confirmation window:

In any case, we advise you to check new RSA patterns for any errors. Even if everything was transferred correctly you might want to change something or freshen up your ads 🙂

To do this you can check your Product text and Product – Group text ads. In the Ad patterns segment, you can see that your old ETA ad patterns were paused and new RSA patterns were created:

Then, during the next update from BlueWinston to Google Ads, the existing ETA ads will be paused and new RSA ads will be created.

From July 1. you won’t be able to create new ETA ad templates in BlueWinston. And we don’t even recommend running ETA ad templates after July 1, because ETA ads will no be longer updated in terms of prices and other dynamic variables. Rather, you should focus on creating quality RSA patterns.

Which errors can occur during the transition?

1. In some ETA templates, you can have only 2 Headlines or only 1 Description filled in. After pressing the button, it will be necessary to add the third Headline and the second Description to the new RSA template.

2. You could have had more than 3 ETA ad templates created in the past. Since RSA patterns can have a maximum of 3 templates per product/ad group. Hence, an error regarding the removal of ETA templates can occur.

3. If you previously created RSA patterns and you have 3 or more ETA patterns, you will get an error message saying that the maximum number of RSA patterns is 3 and that you should delete some RSA patterns after the migration.

If you have any questions regarding the transition of ETA to RSA ad patterns let us know via an email at [email protected]. You could also use our Chat in the bottom right corner both on our website and in the application.

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