All about ad suggestions in Google Ads

Are you worried about creating appropriate and engaging copy for your ads? Would you rather invest your time in strategy planning? Try ad suggestions from Google Ads. The following paragraphs will show you what you can expect from them.

Multiple ads for your products mean a better chance of reaching the right customers. When you advertise in Google Ads, you can set up multiple ads to rotate based on their performance when set to “Optimize” to show users the best message.

Creating multiple ad copies, however, requires a lot of time, creativity, and especially constant testing and optimization for the best result. Therefore, Google was looking for ways to relieve advertisers and came up with the option to test automated copies for ad groups.

Ad ideas for your products are formulated by machine learning based on previous ads for a specific product group. Using them will save you a lot of time that you would otherwise invest in their formulation. Plus, it’s an option for free ad optimization designed to improve the performance of your campaigns.

Review ad suggestions directly in your account

You will receive notifications about new suggestions via email, as well as directly in your Google Ads account, where you can also review them. You can view them on the Recommendations page. On this page, you can see when they will be automatically used.

You can reject or edit your ad suggestions. Unless you disapprove or edit them within 14 days, they will be used as suggested and then can be managed as classic ads.

If not interested, turn them off

Ad suggestions will not be canceled if you reject some. You cannot deactivate the suggestions themselves, but you can deactivate their automated approval if you don’t want it. To do so, go to Account settings > Ad suggestions > Do not automatically apply ad suggestions.

Ad suggestion availability

You can use ad suggestions separately to advertise your product groups in Search network or Smart Campaigns. They are only available only for some languages, including English.

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