Audience exclusions that you should try

In addition to targeting your ad to specific audiences, you can also exclude those that are not relevant to your business. Doing this, your ad will only appear to people who are likely to click on your ad and complete a conversion.

Audiences are a way to create segments you want to target your ad to or bid on. But there is no need to think about them only as targeting options.

As with keywords, you can exclude specific audiences for certain campaign types in your audience targeting. Which audiences you choose to exclude depends only on your strategy. We’ve selected a few for you that you might consider.

  1. Exclude customers who have already converted

For some businesses, one conversion is enough. Imagine that you sell cars. Targeting an ad about a new car to a person who has already bought one will not help you in any way, you will just go wasting your money without getting any conversions.

Consider whether there is a potential in your business for your customers to convert again.

  1. Application users

If you have a website and an app in which people can buy your products or services, you may not have set up Google Analytics for it. This means that you are targeting your ad to people who can already be customers in your app – and this is unnecessary.

  1. Use site searches

You can also set up audience exclusions based on “little things” such as searches on your site. From this search, you can see what your customers are interested in your e-shop.

However, some queries may be just technical – for example, a “forgotten password”. In this case, those are people who already have an account in your e-shop but are looking for a way to reset their password. It is very unlikely that you need to target ads about your online store to these users, as they already know about it.

How to set up such exclusions? When creating a new audience, select “Conditions” and apply the “Search Terms” filter.

  1. Exclude specific events in your e-shop

Global site tag allows you to track various events that happen in your e-shop. We typically use it to count conversions or trigger remarketing.

However, these are not the only events you can take advantage of. If your customers need to sign in to their account before converting in your e-shop, this may also be an action where you don’t need to target another ad on them.

Think about all the events that can define your customers’ behavior to target your ad more effective. By excluding specific audiences, you can prevent your messages from appearing unnecessarily to people who don’t have the potential to convert and who would just waste your money for empty clicks.

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