• How to automate ads for travel agencies via BlueWinston?

How to automate ads for travel agencies via BlueWinston?

Product campaigns can be also used and fully automatic for travel agencies all over the world. It is quite easy to create and automate ads for Google Search. Thanks to the automation of PPC campaigns you save time and you are also able to send users to very specific landing pages. You need only prepare “special” XML feed.

One of our clients – well known slovak travel agency is an example of how it works.


So how to automate ads for travel agencies?

You need feeds e.g. with these specifications:

#1 XML feed – for specific Hotels

<product_name>Ad Turres<product_name> //name of hotel
<URL>url adress to this hotel</URL>
<price>149,6</price> //lowest price for this hotel
<date>9.6. – 18.6.2018</date> //first available date for this hotel

#2 XML feed – for Destinations

<URL>url adress to this destination</URL>
<price_from>lowest price for this destination<price_from>

1. Automated ads and how to create keywords for hotels

For first feed (hotels) in campaign creation process use tag method to create keywords from different combinations of tags and prefixes.


Here you can see created keywords in BroadModifier match type:



2. Automated ads and how to create keywords for destinations

With second feed you can create keywords also with tag combination method, e.g. with these tag and prefixes:


Created keywords will be automatically connected with right landing page (destination and list of available accomodation possibilities – hotels, hotel complexes, apartmens etc.)



For any other steps or settings for these travel campaigns, you can follow our guide how to create profitable product text ads for Google search.

If you are not sure if BlueWinston would be able to help you with automated ads for your travel agency, please contact us and we would be very happy to help and advice you.

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