• Automated scripts in BlueWinston

Automated scripts in BlueWinston

For better optimization of product campaigns, we recommend you to use automated scripts. It is a set of rules that increases efficiency of the campaigns. For instance, by excluding keywords that are causing high expenses. You can find all these scripts at the end of every campaign setting in BlueWinston.

For the use of scripts we are using margin (maxCPA) that can be calculated from product prices or is given as concrete value. It is a margin that we can spend as a price for one conversion. You can read more about maxCPA on our BlueWinston blog.

Here, for instance, you can see that we calculate with maxCPA 10% of the product:

We see the concrete maxCPA for given product (ad group) here:

Here is a list of recommended scripts and their set up:

1. Exclusion keywords from campaign

This first group of scripts is about excluding inefficient keywords. In the first option for keywords that has passed 1.2 times the margin (maxCPA) and did not have conversions, in the second option it is the exclusion of keywords that has passed 1.3 times maxCPA and they are having any number of conversions.

Therefore, if the keyword has passed more than 1.2 times maxCPA, it will be paused and negative keyword of exact match in the given ad group will be created.

Second rule excludes keywords that have any number of conversions and at the same time the keywords have passed more than 1.3 times (or any other multiple, 3 for example) of maxCPA.


2. Bounce rate script for classic keywords (pausing keywords)

These scripts are pausing keywords that were having too high bounce rate. At the beginning, LimitClicks and LimitBounceRate variables are being set, but you can change them when needed.

The first script in this group will pause the keyword when it has more clicks than LimitClicks and has a cost of 0.5 maxCPA and at the same time has this keyword bounce rate higher than LimitBounceRate and has 0 conversions.

The last script in this group will pause the keyword when it reaches more clicks than 0.7 from LimitCliks and at the same time has bounce rate 100% and has no conversions.


3. Import search terms from search query

This group of scripts adds search terms as keywords to your campaign. Added keywords get maxCPC from the ad group.

In the first case we have the search terms that had at least one conversion. These terms will be added as keywords to the ad group.


4. Exclude search terms from search query

This group of scripts excludes search terms based on various conditions. Consequently, a negative keyword with exact match is created.

The first rule excludes search terms and sets them as negative keywords when their spend is more that 0.6 of maxCPA and at the same time they have no conversions.

Do you have any questions on how to set up scripts for your product campaigns? Contact us.

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