Bid Simulators: Understand how changes to your budget and goals will affect Smart Bidding

The bid simulators are a unique way to see predicted changes in the performance of your ads as you apply changes your settings. Until recently, they were only available for manual bidding and target CPA. Now you can use them with Smart Bidding too.

Different settings have different impacts on your ad performance, and those are usually difficult to predict. Since risk does not always result in profit, Google has developed a great tool to help you set up your campaigns and bids – bid simulators. Those will help you understand more about what happens if you change your ad’s target values ​​or budget.

Ad performance is influenced by a number of factors, and simulators are responsible for taking them into account when predicting your ad performance after a change in the setting. Therefore, they take into consideration things like landing page, competitor ads, their bids, and so on. As a result, they’ll show you how the performance of your ad is esteemed to change after applying new settings, if the current factors have the same value/quality.

There are several types of smart bidding simulators, depending on the metric you track:

  1. Conversions

If conversions are your key metric, you can use simulators at different levels when using target CPA or maximize conversions strategies. While target CPA is available for search, display, and app campaigns, the maximize conversions simulator is only available for the Search Network.

  1. Conversion value

In case your conversion value is important to you and you’re using a target ROAS strategy, you can use the simulator on all levels. Simulators are available for conversion values ​​for Search and Shopping ads

  1. Click

If you focus on clicks, you can use the maximize clicks strategy. This strategy simulator only works to maximize search clicks.

Where to find bid simulators?

Simulators are indicated in each category by their icon. You can find them in the appropriate categories of your Google Ads account, depending on the level on which you want to track the changes – for your ad group, campaign, or portfolio bid strategy. In the first case, select the Ad groups section and select either “Target CPA” or “Target ROAS” to find the icon. For a campaign, click the Campaign section and find the icon in the budget column. Finally, for portfolio bid strategies, click the wrench icon in the top bar and select Bid Strategies in the Shared Library section. Click your preferred campaign target to find the simulator icon.


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