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BlueWinston Update

We are constantly adding new features to the BlueWinston PPC tool. There are two types of features – our own features, but Google also requires some features for campaigns to work properly.

We would like to tell you more about the availability date attribute since it’s a new feature you can experience if you create a feed for Google Merchant through BlueWinston. This is a required attribute from Google, and you must have it if you want your Performance Max campaigns to work properly.

Google requires you to send availability date values when the product is available as a preorder or backorder. If you do not send these values for pre-orders and back-orders in the product feed, BlueWinston will send you a notification with a list of products.

The list of products for which the availability data is missing can be found by clicking on the error message and it may look like this:

We recommend that you also send values (dates) in this attribute in the product XML feed for all pre-order and back-order products:

The availability date does not apply to common products that you have in stock or out of stock.

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