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Candid Solutions: How we brought 2 e-shops more than 2 000 000 € in 5 years

We’ve known each other for several years and since then you have been using BlueWinston for two e-shops for around 5 years ago now. During that time, we were in constant contact and you could of course watch as our tool developed through the years. I would like to ask how you perceived BlueWinston 5 years ago when you were just starting using it?

As you say, we learned about BlueWinston about 5 years ago. At that time, we handled product campaigns through AdWords, but it was complicated and not flexible at all. We knew that it is doable because there was already a BlueWinston-like service abroad at the time, but the price there was huge. If I remember correctly, it was around $1,000 a month and that was simply too much for us at the time. In a few months, BlueWinston saw the light of day, so we decided to use it. Back in those days, the tool provided everything we needed to automatically generate ads.

I was checking the results that BlueWinston brought to you through the years, and statistics say that we brought more than 2 000 000 € in conversion value for those 5 years, which is of course amazing! Could you tell to our readers why is BlueWinston beneficial for you and how did it help you achieve your goals?

The main advantage of the BlueWinston tool is that with the help of the product text advertisements we can target directly the customers that already know exactly what is it that they want to purchase. With product text ads, you target a customer who is before the end of the purchasing process. This way we could achieve a high conversion rate at a really low cost.

Another benefit is that as BlueWinston support, you tend to help your clients with the initial setup of the product campaigns, which might I say is really unique. Not many tools or services do this. With that in mind, the start of the service for each e-shop can be easier, since your clients can use the service without any knowledge of the tool and they can just copy the campaigns you created. They don’t even need to learn the ever-changing environment of Google Ads since they can optimize the campaigns directly in your tool.

In recent years, from the company’s point of view, you have focused more on software development and information systems. I would like to ask what you are working on now and how can your solutions help the e-shops?

As Candid Solutions s.r.o. we focus on the development of information systems and software development. However, we would not specify ourselves as a pure software company, our goal is to solve the customer’s problem and create the necessary software solution thanks to our experience. So there is a problem at the input and the output should be software that solves the problem.

We focus mainly on the automation of information processing in the field of warehousing and logistics. As for e-shops, we have various solutions for managing processes directly in e-shops. We can help customers from order acceptance, warehousing, automatic invoicing to the actual shipment, such as the automatic ordering of transport from transport companies. Also various automatic imports such as import of products into the e-shop, information about suppliers’ stocks, exports from the e-shop to customers, or even export of product feed to the BlueWinston system.

In the conclusion, I would like to ask, which e-shops can use your systems and in which business segment do you have the most clients?

As I mentioned, we develop software according to our customer’s needs, so we know how to connect to any e-shop system that has an API or access to a database. Right now we are also developing our own e-shop system. We have the most customers from e-commerce, wholesale companies, and companies that store goods in their warehouses.

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